What’s wrong with having a job?



You love your job, don’t you?



love your job?



There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a job! Lots and lots of people have jobs. You probably have a job too.



Everyone who attends school is trained, right from the beginning, to have a job. You probably have a relative that told you to, “stay in school and get a good job.”



With all that encouragement, how could you turn it down? Think of all the things that come with your job. You get to work for someone else. You are making them rich or least helping to pay their mortgage. You get one or two weeks of vacation each year. You get health insurance and maybe dental and vision.



You’ll have someone telling you what to do and what to do next. Sounds like fun.



love your boss?



You will never be paid what you are worth. You’ll only have one way to make money. Show up to work, do what you’re told and you’ll get paid. Don’t forget that your favorite Uncle wants some of the money that you earn. That would be Sam.



You get to put up with all of the office politics. When he retires, who will get that coveted corner office? You’ll always be jockeying to get noticed. If you never get noticed, you will never get promoted.





At least you have job security. Oh wait. With downsizing, mergers and off shoring of job, do you really feel secure? I hope you don’t get replaced by a robot! That would suck and how would you explain that to the relatives?



replaced by a robot?



You can’t leverage your time or your money. The next time that you help the guy in the cubicle next to you ask, the boss for extra pay. You can say that you did half of the project for them. I’m sure that they will listen to reason and realize that you earned more money for helping out! Or buy some extra advertising for your company. You’re making an investment. I’m sure that you get a commission on the extra sales.



You will lose some or all of your real freedom. Someone controls the amount of money that you make. Therefore, they control where you live, the car you drive and the clothes you wear. Because you can only buy what you can afford, right? They tell you when to arrive at work and when you can leave. If they need you to stay late to finish a paper, then you’re staying. They tell you what to wear, except on casual Fridays. You can take your vacations when ever you want, unless someone else asks for that week before you do. Freedom is probably over rated!



can you wait for retirement



Oh yeah, did I mention that you’ll have all of this for the next 40 years or so?



What’s not to like about all of this? It sounds like a pretty good life, doesn’t it?



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