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Are you talkin’ to me? Choosing your target market

Tweet   Find yourself a target market to talk to!     If you think that you are talking to all network marketers then you’re probably not talking to any of them. Everyone needs to narrow down the field to a certain segment of that population. Most people don’t narrow their audience because of fear. […]


Are you attractive?

Tweet   Never promote an MLM     With all of the noise out there, it’s hard to get yourself noticed. There are tons of network marketers that are out there yelling from the highest mountain tops. What are they saying?   “Join my company! Join me!” Or perhaps they are saying, “Buy my products! […]


Passion, excitement and enthusiasm

Tweet     Are you making your business look like a job?         Most people who join a network marketing company are just doing a “side project that wouldn’t interfere with what they are doing now.” It’s a side project because they already have a job. A job, that more than likely, […]