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Batching your content

Tweet   Batching     I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years, now. I discovered that I really like to write. It’s a really nice creative outlet for me. I’ve had some regrets, over those 6 years. The two main regrets are that I never collected email addresses or at least not from the beginning. […]


Why would anyone listen to me?

Tweet     Blogging for network marketing leads     I know that feel of thinking that you don’t know enough to be blogging for network marketing leads. There are so many feelings of inadequacy, in the beginning. There must be a lot of bloggers out there that are way better than me. Honestly, there […]


How long should you make your blog posts?

Tweet     Are you blogging for leads?     You’ve decided to use blogging as your preferred method of lead generation for your business. Congratulations! It’s a slow method to generate leads, but it does pay off, in time. You’ll need to write a fair amount of content for a while before you see […]