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How long should you make your blog posts?

Tweet     Are you blogging for leads?     You’ve decided to use blogging as your preferred method of lead generation for your business. Congratulations! It’s a slow method to generate leads, but it does pay off, in time. You’ll need to write a fair amount of content for a while before you see […]


Are you blogging for MLM leads?

Tweet   More content ideas for network marketers       Personally, I believe that everyone in network marketing should have a blog. Especially, if you are just starting out in the business. It gives you a platform with which to speak to the masses. The “masses” being pretty much anyone who will listen. As […]


Are you talkin’ to me? Choosing your target market

Tweet   Find yourself a target market to talk to!     If you think that you are talking to all network marketers then you’re probably not talking to any of them. Everyone needs to narrow down the field to a certain segment of that population. Most people don’t narrow their audience because of fear. […]