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I’m disillusioned

Tweet   Network marketing is for friends     I’ve always heard that network marketing is so great. You get to choose who you work with. You get to recruit people that you really want to work with. You get to make friends and develop new friendships along the way. This business is supposed to […]


Who’s watching you?

Tweet   The case for success     Ultimately, you should want to be successful for you and not someone else. Most people have goals like putting their children through college, buying a bigger house or bringing a spouse home from a job that they don’t like. All of those are great goals, but I […]


Doing the job at hand

Tweet   Focus or procrastination     Have you ever sat down to do some work and you just sit there? You just don’t feel like doing what you know needs to be done. I hate when that happens to me. I find that it leads to a lot of wasted time. I am a […]