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A message to the self employed

Tweet You own a business? Are you self employed or an entrepreneur?     Congratulations! You own a business. It’s a tough road to travel. I wish you the very best for success!   I have a message for all of those who own a business and they employee other people. Yes, that leaves network […]


The top 9 traits of a bad salesperson

Tweet Maybe you’re not a salesperson at all     Let’s face it, if you are a network marketer you are going to have to sell your products, service or opportunity. You may not be a salesperson or even think that you can sell something, but you’re going to have to figure out to sell […]


What happened to your dreams?

Tweet   Have you any dreams you’d like to share?   You’re born and then your parents brought you home from the hospital. They fed you and cared for your every need. They taught you to walk and talk and then the fun began. All you wanted to do was to explore your world. You […]