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Why are more women starting businesses?

Tweet   Women owned businesses According to a 2010 report, published by the Department of Labor, nearly 30% of all businesses are owned by women. Between the years 1997 and 2007, the rate of women owned businesses grew by 44% while businesses owned by men only grew by about 22%. These women owned businesses added […]


Are you generating multiple streams of income?

Tweet     Do you want multiple streams of income?     Since you joined a network marketing business, that was probably your initial goal. Most network marketers are looking to earn some extra money, at least in the beginning. Once you get yourself into profit, you are then making multiple streams of income. You […]


Why you should be recruiting more women into your network marketing business

Tweet     Are women the best network marketers?     Should you target recruiting women over men? Maybe you should. Did you know that 80% of all network marketers are women? That’s an interesting fact, isn’t it? Does it make you rethink your recruiting strategy? That did it for me.   I had no […]