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What are you creating for yourself and your family?

Tweet   You can create a legacy for your family!     How do you earn your living? Most of us have a job. Some of us own our own business. While others may have investments that generate income for them. Which way are you earning a living or generating income?   What can you […]


A message to the self employed

Tweet You own a business? Are you self employed or an entrepreneur?     Congratulations! You own a business. It’s a tough road to travel. I wish you the very best for success!   I have a message for all of those who own a business and they employee other people. Yes, that leaves network […]


The top 9 traits of a bad salesperson

Tweet Maybe you’re not a salesperson at all     Let’s face it, if you are a network marketer you are going to have to sell your products, service or opportunity. You may not be a salesperson or even think that you can sell something, but you’re going to have to figure out to sell […]