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How are you treating your network marketing teammates?

Tweet Everyone is different in network marketing     I heard some numbers, today, about network marketing and more specifically about network marketers. It seems that there are about 80% of network marketers who would be perfectly happy making between $1.00 and $500.00 per month. Then there is a group of about 15% of them […]


Are you acceptable?

Tweet   We all want acceptance! I was feeling rather nostalgic, the other day and I thought back to one of the jobs I had before I started my own business. It wasn’t my last job, it was the second to the last job. Ugh, I hated that job and I hated my boss.   […]


Are you leading by example?

Tweet   You need to step into your role as a leader     Is the object of network marketing to develop leaders on your team? If you have any vision of reach the top levels of your company’s pay plan, you should be developing as many leaders as you can. What is a leader […]