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Are you paying too much in taxes?

Tweet   Own a business and save some money on your taxes!     I want to start this article by saying that anything you read in here should mean absolutely nothing to you! I’m not a tax guy. I’m not a CPA. I’m not any kind of accountant or bookkeeper. I’m not offering any […]


Should you recruit people from a foreign country?

Tweet   Recruiting in a foreign country can be a great opportunity   This is a great question and one that I’ve had to answer for myself. The company that I am with just opened up in a foreign country. The exact country isn’t important, but the question is. Is it a good idea to […]


Can you do what I’m doing?

Tweet   Recruiting tips network marketing       Although I’ve heard that there are network marketers out there who just want to make a little bit of money in their businesses, I’ve never actually met one. Every network marketer that I’ve ever met or talked to has told me that they joined to make […]