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Which is better?

Tweet   Network marketing – 2 step process is best?       Your a network marketer and you want to recruit people into your business. Should you use a multi-step recruiting process or a 2 step recruiting process?   What is a multi-step recruiting process?   If you are using a recruiting process that […]


Tips for network marketers

Tweet   Success in network marketing doesn’t need to be impossible!   I want to explore an idea, today. I think that I’ve had a change of heart in recent weeks and I wanted to pass on my thoughts. This idea seems to come up a lot and is discussed all the time. This idea […]


No prophet is accepted in his own country

Tweet     Network Marketing       Some of you may recognize that as a part of a verse from the Bible. Why am I bringing this up on a blog about network marketing? There’s a very good reason. It is because it applies to working in your warm market.   Have you gone […]