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23 quotes about recognition and appreciation

Tweet     Recognition and appreciation     In the tug of war that is the employment relationship, it is said that the employer pays just enough so the employee won’t quit and the employee works just enough so not to get fired. For some reason, I’m thinking that this is not a good foundation […]


43 motivational quotes by Zig Ziglar

Tweet     Zig Ziglar quotes     Hilary Hinton Ziglar, better known as, Zig Ziglar is a personal favorite of mine. He started his career as a cookware salesman. He went on to write 30+ books and became one of the most beloved motivational speakers of all time. His unmistakable Southern charm combined with […]


33 inspirational quotes from Tony Robbins

Tweet     Tony Robbins quotes     I first became aware of Anthony Robbins while watching a late night infomercial. Here was this huge guy who was talking about finding success in 30 days. He told me that I could unleash my personal power and have the life that I’d always wanted. That was […]