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My 27 favorite W. Clement Stone quotes

Tweet   Who was William Clement Stone?     W. Clement Stone was born in 1902, in Chicago, Illinois. His father died in 1905. He began selling newspapers to earn money to help his mother, at age 6. By 1915, he owned his own newsstand. Later, he moved to Detroit to help his mother in […]


What is an entrepreneur? My 24 favorite quotes about being an entrepreneur

Tweet     What does being entrepreneur mean to you? To me, being an entrepreneur seemed to mean a lot more than just someone who owns their own business. However, if you look at some of the definitions of being an entrepreneur you’ll see that it’s just about owning a business.   Dictionary.com says that […]


Persistence – My favorite quotes about persistence

Tweet   Persistence     I’d like to be able to say that I’m the most persistent person I know. The truth is that I’m not. Not in my network marketing career, anyway. In my traditional business, which I started when I was 26 years old, I had no choice, but to be persistent. It […]