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Frustration – 19 powerful quotes to help you through the frustration

Tweet   You don’t have to feel the frustration     No one likes the feeling of being frustrated. That feel that something or someone is in your way. You can’t seem to get past it no matter what you try. You try this, you try that, you try everything that you can think of […]


The 26 best quotes about conquering your fears

Tweet     Conquer your fear!     I was reading an article about network marketing, today. In the article, they ask their audience to vote on what was holding them back. What was it that made these network marketers hesitate and not take action. The results of the poll were very interesting. Although they […]


23 quotes about recognition and appreciation

Tweet     Recognition and appreciation     In the tug of war that is the employment relationship, it is said that the employer pays just enough so the employee won’t quit and the employee works just enough so not to get fired. For some reason, I’m thinking that this is not a good foundation […]