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Turning the tables on telemarketers

Tweet You can sponsor telemarketers into your network marketing business!     I remember when they first announced the National Do Not Call list. At first, I thought it was a scam. It had to be a way for someone else to get my phone number. After a few weeks of hearing about it, I […]


Take a network marketing test drive

Tweet   Take your network marketing business for spin and see how you like it!     One of the most often heard objections, to joining a network marketing business is, “I don’t have the money!” What would happen if you were to say, “Would you like to take a free test drive? Just to […]


All prospects are presold on network marketing!

Tweet   Don’t talk your network marketing prospect out of joining your business     How can that be? Everyone we talk to says “No!” It seems like we have to try to talk everyone into joining our business. Either talk them into joining or trick them into joining. Why would anyone want to join […]