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How do I get my network marketing team to take massive action?

Tweet   Success in network marketing     I had someone, in my downline, call me and ask me that question. It’s great question that almost everyone wants to know the answer to. I gave them the best I had, but I’m not sure that they appreciated it.   In network marketing, you can’t make […]


How healthy is your network marketing business?

Tweet   Is your network marketing business healthy or sick?   If you don’t have a downline or not much of one, then you can skip over this article. If you have a sizable downline or if you are planning to have a sizable downline, then this is how I think that you should gauge […]


Get your prospects to come down off their fences!

Tweet   Someone has to make a decision   There’s not too many things as bad as a prospect who can’t make a decision. They like what they see, but they can’t decide to get started. They’ll tell you that they want to do the business and yet they don’t sign up. They string you […]