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Push them off the fence!

Tweet   Are they Humpty Dumpty?     You finally got them to look at your business presentation. They liked what they saw, but … and there always seems to be a but, right? They need to think about it or they need to talk to someone else about it. It seems like it’s almost […]


Should you answer your prospect’s questions?

Tweet   To answer or not to answer?     I’ve always been a believer in the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” That was until I joined my first network marketing company. I was told that I needed to show some discretion and not be totally forthright with information. As it turns out, full […]


I can’t sell anything

Tweet   Can you sell your network marketing company’s products?     It seems that there aren’t very many people, in network marketing, who think that they can sell anything. Somehow, billions of dollars of network marketing products are sold every year. How is this possible? I see that there could be two possibilities. The […]