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Network marketing – There’s hope for you and me after all

Tweet   The average Joe can be successful in network marketing!     This is going to be a success story, once I get to it, so just hold on for a few minutes.   I’ve heard the gurus speak and top earners speak. It seems like they’ve lived very charmed lives. Were they just […]


Overcoming the fear of rejection in network marketing

Tweet   It’s the biggest fear in network marketing     One of the biggest killers of a network marketer’s business is fear. There are lots of fears that people have. Some of the fears that can be experienced are fear of failure, fear of success and of course the fear of rejection.   When […]


Where’s the problem?

Tweet   Are you having problems building your network marketing business?     Most people come into the network marketing business with little or no business skills. They have no idea what they’re doing. They make mistakes all the time and they get frustrated. This is one of the main reasons why distributors quit the […]