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Why do they say no to my network marketing business?

Tweet   The word NO isn’t rejection in network marketing!     Doesn’t it seem like most of the people you talk to say no to your business? I’d estimate that 8 or maybe even 9 people out of every 10 that you talk to will say no. If you practice a lot and get […]


Is everyone a prospect for your network marketing business?

Tweet Finding prospects for your network marketing business     Nearly every sponsor that I’ve ever had told me that everyone is a prospect for either the products or the business. I just needed to figure out which person wants the products and which would be good at the business. I can tell you that […]


Delayed gratification and network marketing success

Tweet Have patience in your network marketing business     We live in a hustle bustle world. Everyone is in such a hurry. It costs so much to live, these days. Everyone feels like they have so much to get done just to keep their head above water. Trying to make a living is tough […]