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We’re all network marketers

Tweet   Not all of us get paid for it     It’s funny how resistant people are to the idea of owning a network marketing business. You’ve probably heard things like, “I don’t want to sell stuff.” or “I don’t want to bother my friends.” There seems to be as many excuses as there […]


Junkies or Groupies?

Tweet       I’ve seen the term MLM junkie bantered about, lately. How are they defining MLM junkie? It seems that an MLM junkie is a person who either jumps from company to company in hopes of finding success or someone who joins every company in pre-launch in order to “ride the wave to […]


Who are you looking for?

Tweet       That’s the age old question that most network marketers never really answer for themselves. Most network marketers never answer that question because they don’t know that they need to answer that question. They don’t even know what the question is, let alone what the answer will be.   No one tells […]