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Network marketing – it takes work to succeed

Tweet   Network marketing = work!     There have been many, many network marketers who have told their prospects and new recruits that network marketing is easy. They’ve told them that network marketing is a piece of cake. Have you had someone tell you that the products sell themselves? How about that everyone will […]


There are 4 types of people on your network marketing team

Tweet   Who’s on your network marketing team?     I was in one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of today. I like to stay in touch with other network marketers so I can see what they are up to and what’s working for them. One of the members had posted […]


Network marketing – should I use my company video to recruit?

Tweet   Do you use your network marketing company video?     Every network marketing company has their video or videos to use. There may be training videos. There may be videos about the products and how they’re made. They probably have a video to show how the compensation plan works. Are any of those […]