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Climb aboard the duplication train

Tweet   Will it duplicate?     I’ve heard several of the network marketing gurus talking about duplication, this week. Sometimes it seems as though they plan this. “Yeah, let’s talk about duplication today!” Is it a vast guru conspiracy? Probably not. Although, I think I saw a guru on the grassy knoll.   What […]


How can I build a network marketing business when everyone quits?

Tweet   Network marketing success       The majority of people who sign up to join a network marketing company will quit within their first 90 days. By majority, I mean around 75% will quit. Can you believe that 75% everyone who joins and pays their $300.00 will just up and quit in their […]


Are other network marketers your best prospects?

Tweet   Should network marketers recruit other network marketers?     I’m on several email lists of other network marketers. I like to get differing opinions from other people who are building their businesses. A lot of the time I agree with what they have to say, but there are times when I disagree. Yesterday […]