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Experts and earners

Tweet   Become a network marketing expert     Who do most people want to work with, in network marketing? Well, the first time they join they are most likely to join with someone that they know. That would be someone in the warm market. I’ve heard numbers as high as 80% of network marketers […]


Do you have a hard luck story?

Tweet   For your network marketing business     Is it just my imagination or does it seem like the worse your back story happens to be, the better you do in network marketing? It must be my imagination. I’m sure that there are people who were having a pretty good life and made it […]


I want a promotion!

Tweet   Why would they offer to help me?   I woke up last Monday morning and I jumped in the shower. Yes, the hot water felt good, but I was up before the sun. Man, was I tired! I got out of the shower and got myself dressed. I ran downstairs, just to get […]