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Developing a daily plan of action for your network marketing business

Tweet Having a daily plan of action will let you run your business more efficiently! I like to think of myself as a fairly organized person. Just don’t look at the top of my desk. I always say that it’s organized chaos. I kind of know where everything is, but not always.   When it […]


You don’t like your results in your network marketing business?

Tweet Do you have good habits or bad habits?     There are an extremely small number of network marketers who would say that they are really happy with their results. Those would be the people who are at the top of their pay plan or those who are on their way to the top. […]


Why do people quit network marketing?

Tweet What’s your reason for quitting your network marketing business?     I was watching a Facebook video from a network marketing guru or near guru. This person sells products to the public in order to help people to become successful in this business, or at least that’s their plan. I use that as the […]