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Article marketing tips that will get you ranked in Google – fast!

Tweet       Article marketing tips         Let’s start with a quick definition of what article marketing is.   Article marketing is a way to promote one’s business, product, service, blog or website by publishing useful, helpful and interesting content in the form of written articles.   Here is Wikipedia.com’s definition. […]


Blogging Fever

Tweet         Well, this is a first.  Some of the time when I get to the computer and I’m ready to write my post for the day. I have an idea of what to write about.  Sometimes not.  If it’s a day that I know I want to write a post based […]


What is article syndication?

Tweet Article syndication is spreading your articles around the web. You can spread them to other people’s blogs, as in guest blogging.  Or you can spread them to article directories.     There is more than one way to spread the love. The main way that people have used article syndication has been for SEO […]