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What is a Sales Funnel and Why Should I Use One?

Tweet What is a sales funnel?      Marketing Sales Funnel   Well, I think the term “sales funnel” is a bit of a misnomer.  It isn’t a funnel at all.  It is more like a conveyor belt system.  It is the basis of your marketing system after you have gathered up the email addresses […]


So what’s going with Google?

Tweet Does Google suck now?   Am I the only one who has noticed that Google SERP have gone crazy?  The results are terrible!  So what’s wrong with Google? I few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Panda and Penguin updates.  I’m no expert but I do have my opinions.  I still want […]


What are solo ads?

Tweet What Are Solo Ads? So do you really need a blog or a website to build a list or recruit people?  Surprisingly, the answer is “no!”  All you really need is a landing page and a few bucks. So what are solo ads and how can they be used to build a list and […]