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So you want to be successful in network marketing

Tweet     Will you be a successful network marketer? I would think that most if not the vast majority of network marketers would like to find success within the industry. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who joined just to get the discount on the products they love and there are people […]


Mr. or Mrs. Knows It All

Tweet     Are you coachable?     Who are the least coachable people in the world? If you said teenagers, I think that you’re right!   I can remember back to my teen aged years. I thought I knew everything. There wasn’t a single person who could’ve convinced me that I was wrong about […]


What’s wrong with me?

Tweet   It’s time for a new mindset and better skills!     Every time I turn around some network marketing guru tells me that I have to grow. I have to improve myself. They want me to read books and listen to CDs. They want me to attend company functions and events. They want […]