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Lazy Susan

Tweet     I was having lunch at a Chinese restaurant and there in the middle of the table was a Lazy Susan. I didn’t even know that they still had those things. We had one when we were growing up. I come from a family of 6 and it was a practical thing to […]


You don’t like your results in your network marketing business?

Tweet Do you have good habits or bad habits?     There are an extremely small number of network marketers who would say that they are really happy with their results. Those would be the people who are at the top of their pay plan or those who are on their way to the top. […]


Who do most network marketers compare themselves to?

Tweet   Comparitis     I don’t think that comparitis is a real word, but it does a pretty good job of describing a lot of people in the network marketing industry.   I define comparitis like this: When a network marketer compares their results with the results of others until they make themselves sick […]