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It’s your birthday?

Tweet     Network marketing success is possible     Do you remember the day you were born? Your parents were so happy and proud. They welcomed you into the world. They got to hold you for the first time. There were lots of pictures and smiles.   Yeah, me either.   We don’t usually […]


What is the cost of success?

Tweet     Network marketing     There is always a cost for success. To be a successful doctor you’ll have to go to college and graduate. Then it’s off to medical school. Then it’s time for you to do your residency. The cost is not just financial, but it will cost you a large […]


Success, Happiness and Pride

Tweet   You should care more about your success than you care about what they will say about you!     That’s an unusual title for a blog post. I had to wonder if those 3 things were all related or not. Success and happiness are two things that most people would like to have […]