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What are the odds that you’ll be successful in network marketing?

Tweet     Will you be successful in network marketing?     I guess it depends on how you define success in network marketing. For some, reaching the top level is the only thing that will make them successful. For others, making an extra $500.00 per month means success. Still, others just want to make […]


Why do I need to work on self development?

Tweet     What is self development and why should anyone have to do it?     I found a definition of self development on Google.   Self development – the process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed.   I really liked that definition. It talks about developing one’s character as […]


There are good habits and bad habits

Tweet   Develop good habits!     Your habits have gotten you to where you are today. You may have good habits or you may have bad habits, but rest assured, they have gotten you there.   Maybe you are in the habit of eating fast food. If so, you may have a weight issue. […]