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Who do most network marketers compare themselves to?

Tweet   Comparitis     I don’t think that comparitis is a real word, but it does a pretty good job of describing a lot of people in the network marketing industry.   I define comparitis like this: When a network marketer compares their results with the results of others until they make themselves sick […]


Network marketing – Can you overcome the fear of prospecting?

Tweet   Does fear of prospecting keep you broke? You have your warm market list of names and you’re ready to get to work. You decide to start with your mom and dad. They’ll help you. They’ll even buy one of the products just to support you. You talk to them about your business and […]


What are the odds that you’ll be successful in network marketing?

Tweet     Will you be successful in network marketing?     I guess it depends on how you define success in network marketing. For some, reaching the top level is the only thing that will make them successful. For others, making an extra $500.00 per month means success. Still, others just want to make […]