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Master Key Experience: Week 1 – What did I get myself into?

Tweet UPDATED September 26, 2017     We had our first weekly seminar, today. The webinar was scheduled from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Yes, it went every minute of that and maybe a bit more. After it was over, Mark J opened up the webby for questions. He said we could leave if we […]


Handling rejection

Tweet   Don’t let rejection stop you You have a new distributor or maybe you’re new to the business. You have these dreams and goals for your life and ready to go. You make up your list of people who you want to share your business and products with and you start to make contact […]


Are you playing the blame game?

Tweet   No one ever is to blame!     Are you one of those people who thinks that every bad thing that happens to you is someone else’s fault? If someone else is to blame when something bad happens to you, then someone is responsible when something good happens to you, right? No, it […]