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Are you comparing yourself to others?

Tweet   Is it human nature to compare yourself to other people?     It seems to be human nature to want to compare ourselves with other people. You might think, “I could do that too.” Or you might think that there is no way you could do what that other person did. You might […]


How was your 2016?

Tweet     How is your 2017 going to be?     Wow, 2016 sure went in a hurry. Now we wake up in 2017 and wonder what’s going to happen this year. All we are left with are memories of this past year. By now, you’ve realized that all of those pie in the […]


5 years of therapy?

Tweet     Do you struggle with self esteem and self worth issues?   I did for many years. I can remember back when I was in my teens and 20s that I was so concerned by what I thought people were thinking about me. I’d hear about my friends going out on a Friday […]