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Bell’s and whistles

Tweet   Bell’s as in Bell’s palsy     I don’t live my life in public. I consider myself to be a fairly private person. I don’t plaster Facebook with every little detail of my life. I’ve spent some time trying to figure why people are so willing to put the details of their lives […]


When it rains it pours

Tweet       I hope you found this article valuable!   Please share it with your downline! It will help them, too!   If you likefd this article called, When it rains it pours, please Like it below on Facebook and be parct of the conversatkion by leaving a commenyt below.   There is […]


For the rest of the year

Tweet       For the past few months I’ve been writing about things that interest me and that I think will be helpful to network marketers. If I think I can help you build your business with an idea, I’ll write an article about it.   When I first started blogging, that’s about six […]