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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Tweet   Happy Valentine’s Day!     It’s kind of difficult to write about business on a day like Valentine’s Day. So I’m not going to. I’m also going to start that sentence with the word “So.” I’ve been told that it’s not proper to start a sentence with the word so, but I just […]


Super Bowl 51

Tweet   I was going to take the day off from blogging to watch Super Bowl 51, but …   Did you know that there has been talk, in the past, about making the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday and national holiday? That’s crazy.   Not as crazy as the game. It’s only the 3rd […]


They grow up so fast!

Tweet       Every once in a while, I’ll write about something other than business. It’s not very often, but I’ll write about something that interested me or moves me. Today is one of those days.   I was reading about a story that Zig Ziglar used to tell at his seminars.   The […]