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Random tips for network marketers – August 29, 2016

Tweet Network marketing tips       Closing the sale   As a network marketer, you will be a salesperson. That’s whether you like it or not. As a salesperson, you’re going to be asked to “close the sale.” Ask any good salesperson about how to close the sale and they will tell you to […]


Random tips for network marketers March 22, 2016

Tweet   I had come up with the idea of writing short articles on network marketing a while back. These are ideas or tips that I had to share with others, but I didn’t think that it would take an entire article to convey my point. I thought that this format was pretty clever. Unfortunately, […]


Random thoughts on network marketing – December 23, 2015

Tweet Network marketing   Samples   Should you pass out samples of your products? On the surface, this seems like a no brainer. Of course we should all pass out samples of what we are trying to sell. Most of the time I would say yes to passing out samples. Especially, if you have a […]