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Two wrongs don’t make a right

Tweet     But 3 lefts do! I guess that maybe rants come in threes as well. This is my second rant this week. We’ll see what happens the rest of the week.   I’m kind of tired of all the network marketers and especially the gurus trying to tell everyone that traditional business fails […]


Why does my upline want to make money off of me

Tweet   Let’s gouge the downline in network marketing!     I know you’re thinking that it’s network marketing and your upline is supposed to make money off of my efforts. To that I’d say, yes, they recruited me, they should be making money off of my efforts. I’m not talking about the usual set […]


Who cares?

Tweet     How much money is in your wallet?     What is this incessant need to tell everyone how much money you’re making? I hear this all the time. You can fire up a video from just about any guru out there and they’ll tell you how much money they’ve made these past […]