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Who cares?

Tweet     How much money is in your wallet?     What is this incessant need to tell everyone how much money you’re making? I hear this all the time. You can fire up a video from just about any guru out there and they’ll tell you how much money they’ve made these past […]


You want what I got … don’t you?

Tweet   People who have jobs make money.  Are you making money in network marketing?       If someone happens to be in network marketing, it seems that one of their jobs is to make every other form of earning a living out to be some sort of evil. Maybe I exaggerate a bit […]


What do network marketing’s top earners think of you?

Tweet   The top earners say that network marketing is great       Have you ever wondered what the top earners really think of the rank and file members of their network marketing business? I have. If you ever get the chance to actually talk to one of them, they’ll be all smiles and […]