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Building rapport … Part 2

Tweet     Building rapport … fast part 2   In my last post, I talked about building rapport to increase the number of leads you have.   I’ll summarize the post very briefly.  When building rapport you will need to talk to people. Here you have two choices. You can talk to them by […]


How to build rapport … fast!

Tweet     Building Rapport     Wouldn’t it be nice to get strangers to instantly like you? It is possible to do just that. This is what is known as rapport.   Rapport is defined as connection, especially harmonious or sympathetic relation.  A good relationship.   As network marketers we do not always get […]


Recruiting for MLM doesn’t have to be difficult

Tweet     Recruiting for MLM         I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can not recruit your way to the top of any network marketing business. Although, recruiting for MLM business is still your main goal. Once you have a good and easy MLM recruiting systems, you can […]