Are you leading by example?


You need to step into your role as a leader


lead by example


Is the object of network marketing to develop leaders on your team? If you have any vision of reach the top levels of your company’s pay plan, you should be developing as many leaders as you can. What is a leader any way? A leader is just someone who knows where they are going, has a plan to get there and is willing to show other people how to get there too.


Aren’t people just born leaders? I don’t think that’s true. It may seem like people were born to lead, but I believe that they have either been taught to be leaders or they have picked it up from social cues from their parents or friends. They may have had a strong personality when they were young and their friends decided that that person should be the leader of their group. I also believe that when someone is designated as “the leader” that they will step into that role. That role will follow them throughout their life.


Does this mean that someone has to have labeled a leader when they were young? That’s probably the best time to be picked as a leader, but I believe that anyone at any age can step into leadership. It’s just a matter of wanting the role.


Most people will be uncomfortable with the role of being a leader, if they are new to it. They think that they don’t want to be “the boss.” They don’t realize that there is huge difference between being someone’s boss and being a leader. A boss tells you what to do and when you have to have the task completed. A boss coerces people to get them to do the tasks, even if it’s just with the implied threat of being fired.


A leader doesn’t have that luxury. A leader must lead by example, hope that others will see the path that they have cleared for them and decide to follow them. A leader can encourage others and build them up in an attempt get them to follow, but they won’t and can’t use coercion.


The problem that some, if not all, network marketers have at one time or another is that they recruit some people and they think that they need to be their boss or supervisor.


Most network marketers already have a boss, they joined network marketing to get out from under the thumb of their boss. The last thing that they wanted was to sign up with you and have you turn into another boss for them to deal with.


The quickest way to find yourself stuck at a level in your business is to turn into someone’s boss. If you want to find success, in network marketing, be the leader that you know you should be.


Not everyone will follow, but you must set the example. You must be doing the things that you want other people to be doing. How can you ask someone to do something that you aren’t doing?


The key to leadership is to lead by example!


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