What are the advantages of mentoring your recruits?

Advantages of mentoring that everyone needs to know

I was out and about today.  Doing a bit of blog commenting.  I happened across a top 20,000 blog that is in the network marketing niche.  I believe it was dofollow and had a PR2 ranking.  So, way cool all the way around.

There was a video on the page to watch.  It was all about how people recruit people into their businesses and they don’t help them.  They might tell them what to do but not HOW to do it.

So I found it very easy to leave a comment about that.  I’ve written a fair amount on the subject.

My comment was, “Enough of the old fashion idea of the blind leading the blind.  It’s time to start being leaders.  A leader is someone who knows where they are going and will turn around and help those behind them reach that goal.”  Then I got a little preachy or flowery, depend on your point of view.  I wrote some such nonsense as “Rise up and unite.  Together we will reach our goals of success.”

I was trying to be humorous there.  Although, I do believe every word of it.  I’m also trying to drive traffic from their blog by being interesting!  As an aside, a week ago or so I left 5 comments on 5 kind of high ranking blogs.  I think all of them were top 50,000 blogs according to Alexa.com.  I increased my traffic the next day by 75 new unique visitors.  Not bad for 15 minutes of work!

But back to the task at hand.

I totally understood what the guy in the video was talking about.  I think that people recruiting others into their businesses and not being able to help them is one of the main reasons people fail at MLM.


advantages of mentoring


Are there real advantages of mentoring?

Being a mentor to someone is like being a teacher or a coach.  Everyone likes to use the example of Michael Jordan as someone who had a coach.  Google the name if you aren’t old enough to know who he is.  Suffice it to say that Michael Jordan was one of the very best players of professional basketball.  He needed a coach.  Most people will leave off at that point.  Great basketball player needs a coach, so you need one as well.  I do agree with that but let’s look at why Michael needed a coach.


MJ could play some ball


So the guy could play some round ball, why would he need a coach?  Man, he could play.  He could dribble, shoot the ball even dunk it.  He could pass the ball will great skill.  He could also play defense like no one’s business.  He was a great all around player.  But he had a coach.  The coach, does things that a player can’t do.  Like design the plays that will be used.  The coach tell the guys what type of defense to play each time down the court.

Without the coach you would have a highly skilled team of playground players.  But without the coach to show them what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  The coach is a motivator and a teacher.  He is the guy who gets all of these great players, with huge egos, to play as a team.  Without a coach they might as well play on the local playground.

In business, it is the same thing.  These are the reasons that not only do you need a mentor, but your recruits do as well.  Maybe you are ready to be a mentor but maybe you aren’t.  Maybe all of you need to look higher up for your teacher.

Some of the advantages of mentoring are that you are taught what to do to build your business.

You are taught how to those things that are most profitable.  You are given guidance and you get the benefit of your mentor’s experience.

That may be the greatest of the advantages of mentoring.  The mentor sharing where they went right but also the mistakes that they made along the way and how you can avoid those same mistakes.

More advantages of mentoring

This is maybe the second greatest thing that you will get having a mentor.  You cut down on the natural learning curve that is involved when getting involved in a new business.  Most people try to reinvent the wheel.  But you really don’t have to do that.  You just need to be shown where the shortest path to success is and what to do to stay on that path!


flatten the learning curve


Mentoring saves you time.  It also will save you money.  You will be taught what works and what doesn’t.  No need to spend money on your business incorrectly.  When you do that it is nothing more than flushing your hard earned money down the proverbial toilet.  If you are told that a certain kind of advertising is a low risk to reward, you can steer clear of that venue and find somewhere else where you get a better return on your investment.

There are so many advantages of mentoring, both having a mentor or you actually being a mentor to others.  I could go on and on.

But remember this when you consider being a mentor to your recruits.  You will learn more about business teaching, the business skills that they need, than you would by actually doing it.  I can tell you from my experience that you learn more as a teacher than you do as a student.  It kind of solidifies things in your mind as you teach them.  Mentoring requires you to really know your stuff.  So you will know this stuff frontwards and backwards!

So when I left my blog comment, I said “Unite!”  Work together!  We will find success as a team!

Mentor someone today!

If you are not willing to mentor your recruits, then don’t recruit anyone!!

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