How are you treating your network marketing teammates?

Everyone is different in network marketing


everyone is different in network marketing


I heard some numbers, today, about network marketing and more specifically about network marketers. It seems that there are about 80% of network marketers who would be perfectly happy making between $1.00 and $500.00 per month. Then there is a group of about 15% of them who would like to make between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 per month. Finally, there is the group that want to make $25,000 per month or more.


First of all, which category to you see yourself being a part of?


There’s nothing wrong with any of the categories and if you do count yourself in the $25,000 per month group, you need to realize that there are a lot more people who aren’t in that category than are in it!


I think that there are a lot of people, maybe even a majority of people who first join and want the big bucks that network marketing has to offer. I think that statistics above are what people would be happy with or would settle for.


I used the term “settle for” for a reason!


Network marketing is hard work and sooner or later every network marketer will fall into one of these categories. My question is this, do you treat all of your downline the same?


Do you think that the people who want to make a few hundred dollars each month want to be treated like the people who want to make $25,000 or more per month? They probably don’t. They have modest goals and will be happy enough if they can make their car payment with the money that they make in network marketing. They probably don’t want to be pushed and pushed. They want to get their bunch of customers, recruit a couple of their friends and collect their $450.00 check.


some network marketers just want their little check


If you are pushing them to achieve massive success, what’s liable to happen? More than likely there will be so much pressure on them that they’ll just quit. I actually am friends with a network marketer who was making a steady $1,000 per month in her MLM. Her upline was pushing her to go for the big time, but that’s not what she wanted. The pressure got so bad that she was willing to walk away from that monthly income. Yes, she quit the industry, not just that MLM.


The last thing that you want is to chase a good producer out of the business. Actually, you don’t want to chase any producer out of the business!


Most network marketers, who are making money, are only going to be making a few hundred dollars per month. If you manage to get rid of those types of people you’ll limit your income potential.


Remember that wanting to make $25,000 per month and doing the work that’s required to make that kind of money are two different things. If someone shows themselves to be willing to do the work then you can offer more encouragement and perhaps a little more accountability, not pressure.


You want to tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear, but remember that every network marketer is different and they all have their different goals and dreams. Treat them accordingly!



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