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Blogging for leads isn’t as difficult as you might think



blogging for leads



Blogging for leads is an interesting proposition. It sounds so easy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The blogging part is fairly easy. It’s the blogging for leads that is a bit tougher.


If you want to generate leads from your blog, you’re going to need to get ranked in the search engines. Or you will have to generate traffic some other way. You can pay Google or Facebook for traffic. That can be expensive, especially if you do it long term. You can drive traffic from niche appropriate forums or from blogs in your niche. This type of traffic is very targeted and it is free. Though this can be time consuming.


I remember hearing an interview with David Wood, the co-founder of Empower Network. He was one who was blogging for leads. He was talking about how he had generated so many leads from his blog. He talked about his use of keywords. His theory was to write every blog post for a keyword. He said that you should even write articles for hard to rank keywords as well.


I always wondered why he would do that.


About a year later, I heard another interview with David Wood. In an offhanded remark, he told the interviewer that he only had about 5 maybe 6 keywords on his blog. I’ve read a lot of articles on his blog. There are way more than 5 or 6 keywords.



I said David Wood not wood



After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that he was trying to rank for 5 or 6 different keywords. All of the hard to rank for keywords and their articles were to camouflage the 5 or 6 that he was really trying to rank for. Clever boy, if I’m right.


Keywords are like gold bars. Well, good keywords are. Good keywords? They are keywords that have high search volume and low competition.


An example might be a keyword that only had 10,000 pages of returns (SERPs) for it. That keyword might have monthly search volume of 7,000. That’s a keyword that you would want to rank for and you actually stand a chance of ranking for. That’s a good keyword. It only has 10,000 pages to compete with and you are going to try to get your share of those 7,000 people who search that term each month.



keywords are important when blogging for leads



If you can get to a top ranking for that keyword, you could be looking at 2,000 or more unique visitors to your blog each month, from that one keyword.


David Wood says that he only had 5 or 6 good keywords that he went after. If he hit #1 for 5 of those, he was probably getting 10,000 unique visitors a month. If only 10% of those converted into leads, that would be 1,000 leads a month. Do you think that you could build a big business with 1,000 leads a month?


I think that almost anyone could build a business with that many leads.


If you are going to be blogging for leads, you don’t have to rank for every keyword you write for. You just need to find a few good ones and try to get ranked for those. Spend most of your time and efforts on ranking for those keywords.



5 good keywords may not be enough when blogging for leads



It would seem as though you could build a large income by ranking for 5 articles!


My suggestion is to find those good keywords, that are out there, and write your “article for the ages” for them.


I hope this changes your perspective on how to write articles and how you are blogging for leads!



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