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3 ways to generate leads for your business


ways to generate leads for your business

Generating leads is probably the single most important thing that you need to be doing for your business. Good, qualified leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without a constant supply of new leads your business will shrivel up and die.

We have been given a great tool, in the internet. Our business can be seen by thousands, if not millions, of people. We just need a way to get out sites in front of them.

Ways to generate leads online


My absolute favorite way to generate new leads is by commenting on other people’s blogs. This can and does give you some of the very best targeted traffic available. Best of all, it’s free. You need to learn how to write constructive blog comments that draw attention to themselves. Once you have mastered that, you will be able to generate 200-500 leads every month. You can read my post about that here.

Simply put, you find highly trafficked blogs in your niche. You read their posts and add value to the conversation by posting a comment. You get a link back to your blog and you will be surprised how many people will follow the link.  We they arrive at your site, you’ll need to gather their contact information, in exchange for a great and free gift.

How to generate leads using traffic exchanges

These programs are often overlooked. But they are programs that have as many as 10,000 or more members. These people are in business for themselves already. Most are pushing some sort of get rich quick program. Most will not be successful. Keep in mind that they are people who might be interested in joining you in your business. They just need to find the right one.

You can generate leads with Twitter

If you use a product called Tweet Adder, you can generate leads automatically. This is a piece of software that can auto-follow the followers of the leading money earners of network marketing companies. You can do the same thing for free. Just do it manually.

Those are my 3 favorite ways to generate leads.

A close fourth is referrals. As you collect leads you can ask them to refer their friends and business associates to you. All you have to do ask them. You probably will find that most people like to do others a favor. Especially, since you are providing them with fantastic information!  You can read more here.

Here are some more ways to generate leads for your business.

You generate organic traffic with your blog. You can write terrific posts and get them ranked in the search engines. This is very similar to article marketing. Which is, of course, another way to generate leads.

Most of these involve spending money. But they are very effective ways to generate the laser targeted traffic that you need.

ways to generate leads

Printing and using drop cards. These cards are about twice the size of business cards. They are made to look like $100 bills. They are folded over and contain a message that will compel the finder to make contact with you. You can have them call a free recorded message or possibly send them to a website. If you want them to go to a website, I would suggest using a QR code so the finder can go straight to your site, if they have a smart phone. Also, print the URL of you site, just in case they don’t have a smart phone.  You can read more about drop card marketing here.

Google PPC

You can get very targeted traffic using PPC, pay per click. This works with any search engine, you are paying them to display your ad on a page that has been searched for a keyword that you have selected. This used to be a great way to get leads but, it has gotten so expensive to do it. If you have the money to spend, you might think about a pay per click campaign.

You can also use Facebook. There many training courses out there but you have a couple of options here. You can use Facebook PPC or you could go to pages of the gurus in the industry and make contact with the people who are their friends.

When use any social media site, it will all boil down to forming a relationship with the person. Make friends before you try to get anyone to do something for you.

The best ways to get leads for any business is to find out where people like the ones that are in your targeted market are. Are they hanging out on Facebook or Twitter? Do they hang out in niche forums? Do they spend a lot of time on blogs in your niche?

Where do they get their education? Where do they look for leads? What other kinds of interests might they have? Business people spend a lot of time on personal development. Go to sites that cater to that crowd.

Think about yourself. Where do you spend time online? Or offline? Maybe a book store or library. What types of book or magazines do you read?

I’d like to hear from you. What are your favorite ways to generate leads for your business?


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