Learn how to speak to leads

You need to know how to speak to leads!

Now that you have generated some leads what do you do now?  You have to decide if you are going to try to build a relationship with them by way of emailing alone.  I would suggest at least  making one call to them if you have a phone number.


how to speak to leads



These are the best prospects.  They have trusted you with their numbers.  So they are saying that they want to talk to you personally.  Call them!

Learning how to speak to leads

Here are the 5 main things that you need to accomplish when talking to your prospects.

1.  Introduce yourself

You want to let them know who you are and why you are calling them.  The conversation may start off with, “Hi (use their name here), this is (use your name here), you had signed up on my marketing website at (give the URL now) I just wanted to give you a quick call and let you know that there is a real person attached to the website.”  If you gave them a free gift to sign up, ask them what they thought of it.  Did they learn anything?  Do they have any suggestions on making it better?  Do they think that the information will help them in their business?

This is where you can engage in “small talk.”  How are you?  Where are you from?  Do you have a family?  These are all good questions to ask.  You are building rapport.  You are letting them know that you are interested in them and their lives.

2.  Let them know that you are not talking to them to put any pressure on them.

You are not here to sell them anything.  You are here to help and to talk about their business.  You can actually say, “I’m not calling to sell you anything.  I just want to discuss you and your business.”

3.  Give the person a good reason to continue talking to you.

This is where I ask if they are in a business of their own.  If they are, they are hooked.  People love to talk about their businesses.  Ask them which company they are involved in and how they are doing.   Ask them what problems or struggles they are having.

If they are not in a business, you can ask them if they are looking for a business to be involved in.  Ask them if they are leaning toward any particular business or types of products.

4.  You are talking to them to build a relationship.  You are not here to sell them on your business.  Only talk about  your business if the prospect specifically asks you about your business.

You are only talking to them to listen to them and to guide them in the process of solving their problems.

Problem solving

5.  Lastly, you want to help them in the next step of solving their problems.  Most of the time you will hear things like I can’t sell the products or I don’t generate enough leads to keep my business growing.

Offer solutions.  Tell them how you sell your products or how you have chosen to generate leads.  You can tell them that you have learned to “sell” products to your warm market.  There is a post about this located here.  You tell the people in your warm market that you have a compelling reason for them to buy from you.  They will be supporting you in whatever your “why” is.  I wrote entire post about this.  You can find it here.

If you have specific posts on your blog that deal with the struggles and problems they are having you can direct them to those.

Learning how to speak to leads involves mostly listening to them.  Everyone struggles.  Let them know that are not alone.  That’s how to speak to leads.

Build relationships by offering solutions to them.  They’ll know that you care about them and their success.  This is the first step in what could be a long term process.  You will find that when someone learns from you that they will have a desire to work with you.

Don’t suggest switching companies.  If you do this right they will ask you if they can join you in your business.

After you have finished your conversation ask if you can give them another call in the future.  “Just to see how they are progressing.”

Learn how to speak to leads, it is an invaluable skill to have!

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