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Are you a network marketer in search of leads for your business?


mlm tips for network marketer


Generating leads for your network marketing business is probably the #1 thing that you need to be able to do in order to be successful. If you run out to people to talk to about your business, you’re doomed to failure. As a success minded network marketer, what can you do?


As I see it, you have 3 options.


Option #1


The network marketing company’s solution


The network marketing companies are all the same. They tell you to make a list and check it twice. Find out who’s naughty … wait … that’s what the big red elf does. Network marketers are supposed to make a list of the family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Then they are told to contact each one of them and ask them if they would like to join you in your network marketing journey.


The pros of Option #1


This is the cheapest and fastest way to get started in any network marketing business. It’s free and you can’t get much cheaper than that. You have a relationship and a rapport with most of the people who are on your list. You won’t be wasting any of your time having to get to know these people.


The cons of Option #1


All of these people know you. They are predisposed to think that you won’t have any more success than you’ve already had. That’s kind of sad! These people are the people with whom you are the closest to and they don’t believe in you. They are just trying to protect you from the big, cruel world. They mean well, but what they are doing is destroying your dreams. Collectively, this group of people are known as your “warm market.” I call the “warm market” the place where network marketers go to die.


Option #2


The network marketer’s solution


solutions for the network marketer


Some enterprising network marketer decided that, after you go through your warm market, you will need new people to talk to. They invented “prospecting.” Prospecting is the process by which a network marketer will sort and sift through a large group of people to look for the ones who have the desire and aptitude for running a business of their own. This can be a slow and difficult task.


The pros of Option #2


This type of prospecting is done in the “cold market.” The “cold market” is anyone who isn’t in your warm market. The best part of working in the cold market is that no one knows you. They have no preconceptions of you or your abilities. To the cold market, you could be a titan of industry. Until you prove them wrong, they will be willing to listen to you.


The cons of Option #2


The biggest drawback of prospecting in the cold market is that most distributors feel very uncomfortable talking to people that they don’t know. It become especially difficult to talk to them about joining a business or selling a product to them. It is so difficult, for most people, that most network marketers avoid it at all costs.


You can’t be successful, in any business, if you avoid talking to people!


Option #3


A new idea


placing ads is a good idea for a network marketer


A different network marketer saw that most people didn’t like to talk to strangers and they decided that a network marketer’s best chance to find new people to talk to about their business was to advertise. By placing ads about your network marketing opportunity or your products, you allow those people, who might be interested, to find you. This solution solved all of the age old problems. Chief amongst these is finding new people to talk to and knowing who will be interested in what you have to offer.


The pros of Option #3


It’s not scary, at all, to place an ad and only to talk people who want what you have. This makes the whole recruiting process relatively painless. Most network marketers can place ads and find leads to talk to and to maintain contact with them if they don’t make a decision right away.


The cons of Option #3


The biggest problem with this option is that it can cost money to run ads. There are free methods. You can hand write a flyer and tack it to a local bulletin board or telephone pole. There are ways to advertise that are not very expensive, such as printing up flyers and putting them out on doors on the houses in the surrounding areas.


A general rule of thumb, when advertising, is the more expensive the method used the wider you have to cast your net. You need as big rate of a return on your advertising investment as possible. If you run an ad that costs you a pretty penny, you will want to get as many leads as possible.


capture leads


If you spend a bunch of money on an ad to try to sell your company’s shampoo, you don’t want to have the ad say “buy my shampoo.” You would want as many people to contact you as possible. Your ad might say, “Free pamphlet shows you how to cure split ends.”


The fact that you are offering something for free means that you are casting your net a lot wider. A lot of people are willing to try anything that is free. The best part of it is that you will be getting the right people to call you. All of the people who call are people who can benefit from your shampoo!


Building a business is not an easy task. However, we can make it easier by being smarter. Why not try having your prospects call you instead of you always trying to call them! It’s just easier that way!


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