Network marketing – There’s hope for you and me after all


The average Joe can be successful in network marketing!


you too can find success in network marketing


This is going to be a success story, once I get to it, so just hold on for a few minutes.


I’ve heard the gurus speak and top earners speak. It seems like they’ve lived very charmed lives. Were they just born under a lucky star? Are they naturals at business? I just want to know their secret to success!


I would say, for the most part, that almost all successful network marketer were once unsuccessful network marketers. I’ve heard the stories of the newbie striking it rich in 6 months. I’m sure those stories are true, but what are the odds that something like that happens to me or you?


The success story I bring to you, today, is one of those that happened very quickly. This couple started out, in their network marketing, and they knew next to nothing about running a business. They struggled for a year and then they decided to try social media and YouTube. They started out slowly. They were known to generate 1 to 2 leads per day per video on YouTube, in the beginning.


To me, that doesn’t sound too bad. Their strategy was to record enough YouTube videos in order to generate 50 leads per day. They figured that they need to do 30 videos to accomplish this. They followed through with their plan and it worked. They ended up generating more than 50 leads per day. In less than a year, they had generated over 32,000 leads and had recruited 970 people into their network marketing business.


Needless to say, two years later they are making well into 7 figures per year.


Yippee-Ky-Yay, right? Congratulations to them! But …


What does that have to do with you and me?


Let’s dive into their numbers a bit and see what they tell us.


In less than a year, they had 32,000 leads. This means that they were generating about 100 leads per day. Out of their 32,000 leads, they were able to recruit 970 people. That’s recruiting at a 3% rate. Do you know what the industry average is? It’s around 3%.


If they were introduced to you with all of their numbers, you’d have to think that they were some sort of recruiting geniuses. As it turns out, they are rather average. Let me say that this way. Here are 7 figure earners who are, at best, average recruiters.



I hope that their success story gives you hope. You don’t have to be some sort of recruiting savant. You just need to figure out a way to generate a bunch of leads and be an average recruiter.


It seems to me that they made around 30 or so good videos that generated 3 leads per day per video. Generating 3 leads per day per video doesn’t seem like all that many, does it? Not to me anyway.


Do you think that you could make a good video that would generate 3 leads per day if you thought that you wind up where they are? If you believed that you’d have a similar success would you make 30 videos? Would you make 60 video? Or 100 videos?


I know that you’re thinking that there’s no way that you’re able to make a video. You wouldn’t want to be recorded.


Would you do it for a 7 figure income?


Could you be brave for 30 days and make 1 video per day?


A solution?


is this the solution to your network marketing problems


Being able to do videos is just a matter of getting used to it. No one thinks that they could get in front of a camera and talk for 5 to 10 minutes. You’d make mistakes, feel foolish, you would wonder how you looked and what you sounded like, at least in the beginning. You will get used to it and you would get better at talking to a camera.


What do you until you get better?


I’m a big believer in practice because practice makes improvements!


I would suggest that you get a video camera, some good lighting, a microphone and get started. Go ahead and make your first video and upload it to YouTube. You can make your channel a private one and no one will ever have to see your first few videos. It’s just practice and no one cares how well you do.


You’ll get a lot of valuable experience doing this and you will get used to it. You can view your videos on YouTube all by yourself and get an idea of how you look and sound. You can make changes as you go and you’ll see yourself improving. Once you feel confident, you can “go live.” You can make a new channel where you are going to put your videos that will be open to the public!

You see, there is hope for you and me after all!



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