Have you created your marketing funnel?

What is a marketing funnel?


A marketing funnel is nothing more than a place for moving people along in your marketing process.


Then gathering decisions at each stage.  Will a lead do business with you or not?



marketing funnel


I have, previously, talked about identifying your ideal prospect. Once you have identified them, you can go to where they are and start advertising to them.


Your advertising should be designed to get your ideal prospects to let you know that they have an interest in learning more about you. When they respond to your advertising and accept your offer of a free gift, they are now in your marketing funnel. They have given you permission to market to them in the future.

 Marketing Funnel Basics


The first thing that you need to do is to come up with a free gift. It needs to be of high value or at least high perceived value. It can be a free report or a free ebook. It might be a free trial to a product or service that you are selling. What ever it is, it must hold enough value to get the prospect’s contact information.


As soon as you have your free gift, you can now work on appropriate advertising. You could be placing banner ads on websites. You could just have a text ad in your forum signatures. This is where it will help to have at least decent copy writing skills.


Once you have their contact information, they are now moved along in the marketing funnel. They are now leads.


The next step in your marketing funnel will be to turn the leads into costumers or business associates.


If you are doing network marketing your ultimate goal would be to recruit them into your business.


Even a really good marketer may only convert 25%-30% of your leads into business associates. Most people will never join you in your business. That’s okay. The ones who will never join you can become customers. You continue to make contact with them, periodically. You give them useful and helpful information. Along the way you can offer to them a product or service that they can buy from you.


You might make contact and offer them information about getting backlinks for their blog or website. You can teach them to do this manually. Then, later you can offer them a way to automate that backlinking process. It could be an affiliate offer or a service or product that you have created.


Another step in your marketing funnel will be to invite your leads to see your company’s business presentation. After all this is your main goal.


The step in your marketing funnel that comes next is for those who have bought something from you. They are now clients.



happy customer are good customers

If you have a happy client they are more likely to buy another higher priced product or service from you. The clients will be moved into that part of your marketing funnel. You will be offering them more free information that will tie into a higher priced service or product.


If your clients still do not want to join you in your business, you can ask them for referrals. Who do you know that would be interested in learning more about the business you are in?


You can continue to market to your leads and clients. You keep them in your marketing funnel until they join your business or they asked to be removed from your list.


It all starts with going to the place where your ideal prospects will be. Advertise to them and get them into your marketing funnel!


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