Ideas on marketing

Ideas on marketing

I have some ideas on marketing

I was perusing the internet a few days ago and came across and definition of marketing that I liked.  If you read my post titled “What is marketing?” you know that I define marketing as getting people to know you, like you and trust you.

I can’t remember who wrote the article that I read but they defined marketing as “the shortest path to the sale.”  For the most part I liked the definition.  Although, I might have changed it to “shortening the path to the sale.”  I know it’s a subtle difference but I think it more accurately describes what marketing is and what it can do for you.

If you do it properly, your marketing should bring people to you that are predisposed to do business with you.  That’s because your marketing has introduced you and allowed people to like you and trust you.  So there is very little selling that needs to be done when you meet your prospects or future customers.  They have already “sold” themselves.  If you don’t mess it up, they are yours.

More ideas on marketing

So what exactly should you marketing efforts accomplish?

Every person on the planet has conversations with themselves.  The conversations might go like this.

“Man, I’m to fat.  I need to lose weight.”

“I need to get more customers for my business.  How can I do that?”

“My back hurts.  I need to go to the chiropractor.”

“My house is dirty.  I need to find a cleaning service to help me.”

Obviously, these are simple and shortened down to conserve space but you should get the idea.

As a marketer it is your job to get “inside their heads” and interupt those self conversations.  You need to become involved in those conversations.  You need to educate people as to how you can help them solve their problems or provide the information that they are looking for.  You need to motivate these educated prospects to pick up the phone to call you or to write you an email.  This is the time to give them an offer that they can not refuse.  Something that demands their attention!  Makes them act NOW!

What exactly that offer is will depend on your particular business. Be creative.  What would make you call?

So your ad may read something like …

“So your back hurts?  Is it a pulled muscle or something more serious.  Find out here and get free X-rays to determine the exact cause of your pain.  Call NOW!”

Here you have joined in the conversation.  You have identified their problem.  You have asked them if they know what the cause of their pain is and educated them that it could be a minor problem or it could be serious and you have offered them a free way to find out what the real cause of their pain is.

To sum up these ideas on marketing …

You can apply this to any business out there.  Identify the problem, educate, make an offer.  What could be easier, right?

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