You’ll need a marketing plan to move forward!

Got a Marketing Plan?


Excuses, excuses excuses!

I am talking about any number of things that you will hear for why someone won’t join your business.  “I don’t have the money.” “I don’t have the time.”  “I can’t do what you do.”  “Blah, blah blah.”


They are just excuses


Not that blame anyone for wanting to join an MLM.  You can look at any income disclosure statement and see why you shouldn’t join.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that most people will fail at business building.

Over the next few months I’ll have posts dedicated to looking at the reasons why people fail at MLM.  Chief among the reasons are lack of leads, people to show the business plan to and running out of money to advertise to get leads.

Now, let me say this.  If you have a marketing plan that actually brings in leads for you and your team or the marketing plan is something that you can teach your team to do, then there is only one real reason why someone wouldn’t want to join you.


Marketing Plan


The only real reason someone wouldn’t join you and your business is because they don’t want to do it.  Plain and simple.  They are too lazy to do what needs to be done according to your marketing plan to be a success.

I mean, come on.  How much of a no brainer is to join someone who has a marketing plan that is generating leads?  Isn’t that what we all look for?

Unfortunately, we end up joining someone who has no clue what to do and everyone fails.

How much nicer would it be to talk to someone about your business and to be able to tell them that you are generating 25 leads a day?  Their eyes should bug out!  I don’t know about you but I’d NEED to recruit a bunch of people to talk to all of those leads!

So tell me why you’re still chasing your brother in law around try to recruit him?  Or the girl working at the 7-11?

You need a good marketing plan that will generate the number of qualified leads that your team needs to be successful.  If you aren’t generating leads, it’s just a matter of time until you and your team gives up.


What is your marketing plan?


Can you explain it to a prospect?  Would they understand it?  Would they be able to do it too?  Are you generating leads?  If not, you need to draw up a plan of action and get moving.  When you have 25 leads a day to talk to, you’ll have a whole new attitude.

You’ll get your swagger on and people will be able to tell that you have a different “posture” with them.  They will see that you are not desperate.  You are not struggling anymore.  You can ask if they would like to see your company’s business presentation and when they give you and excuse as to why it won’t work and they want nothing to do with it, you can tell them that it’s no big deal.

You have 25 more people to talk to and tomorrow you will have 25 more new people to talk to.

When you stop chasing them, they will wonder what’s going on and probably ask you about it.  Now the door is open.  Tell them that they can say no to doing the business with you if they want to.

But you will know that it is because they just don’t want to do the business.

Again, I don’t recommend recruiting out of your warm market.  You can read the article I wrote about what your warm market is good for here.

So, if you don’t have one, you need to make a really good marketing plan.  It needs to be easy and teachable!  It needs to be able to generate leads and a lot of them.  It could be a team effort, where everyone does a little bit.  Or it could be something that you teach that each person does on their own. As long as everyone is able to generate leads, no one should quit!

I have already written about using drop cards to generate leads locally.  You can go here to read about that.  In my next post I will be giving you other ideas on how to market your business.


Write your marketing plan today!

Please let me know that you have a marketing plan.  Leave it in the comments below!

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