It’s time to be making a landing page

If you want to grow your business, online,

You Need To Be Making a Landing Page Now


If you are doing internet network marketing, you will need to be making a landing page.


What exactly is a landing page?


It is reported that top marketer, Dean Jackson, invented the landing page. It has also been called a squeeze page, to “squeeze” the name and email address out of your visitor. An opt in page, to allow someone to opt in to your list. Or a splash page.  A splash page is usually a page that contains video but does the same thing.


Squeeze page


If you are building you business online, then it is essential that you have a landing page. This is how you are going to gather the information that you need to contact your prospects. The landing page will be directly linked to your autorepsonder.


Most marketers these days are still using what is called an ethical bribe. The, “if you sign up to be on my mailing list, I’ll give you something that has perceived value,” kind of bribe. You will need to write a short report about something that you think someone would be willing to give you their contact information in order to get. It could be as little as 3-5 pages in length. The longer the report, the more perceived value but, remember the law of diminishing returns. If it gets too long, your visitors might think that they won’t have the time to read it and not sign up for it.


making a landing page


Here are the basics when you are making a landing page for your business


You start out with a pre-headline. Something to the effect of:


“Attention Home Based Business Builders …”


Make it bold and make it red. This will attract attention.


Next will be the headline.


“How To Do ‘Something’ In A Specific Amount of Time”


It could be, “How To Add 200 Prospects To Your List In 14 Days” or it could be


“How To Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business”


You want the headline to be true but, make it sensational.


The next thing that you need to included when making a landing page is a short description of what you are giving them.


Say you wrote about the 5 mistakes that are killing your business. You would make 3-5 bullet points, depends on how much space your landing page has, and explain what the 5 mistakes are or the top 3 mistakes if you can only fit 3 bullets in there.  Also, explain that your report contains the solutions to these problems.


Then you will need to get the “HTML code” from your autoresponder campaign to add into your opt in form. Here you are asking for your visitor’s name and email address. You might also include an optional box for phone number. If someone does give you their phone number, they are telling you that they are a hot prospect and make sure you call them right away. If you don’t know what to say to them, just ask them how you can help them and they will tell you what to say to them.


Next, you should add a PS statement. It might be something like this:


PS: You need this report to succeed!


Make it something that emphasizes their need for your report!


This is optional, but you could add in a testimonial at the end. Or if you are using a video landing page, you could add a video testimonial.  The testimonial should come from someone who has used your report.  Your video could also be you explaining what your report is about and how it will help all those who download it.


Your script for this could be:


“This report showed me where I was making mistakes in building my business and it also showed me how to correct them. Now my business is growing quickly.”


To review the steps in making a landing page


  1. Pre-Headline
  2. Headline
  3. Short Description of Your Report
  4. Opt In Box
  5. PS Statement
  6. Testimonial (optional)


Those are the simple steps you need to take when making a landing page.


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