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Anyone who is building a business online will have to have an email marketing strategy, if they expect to grow their business. It has been my experience that most marketers either try to get their emails to do to much or they try to get their emails to do too little. Just like Baby Bear, you need to find that happy medium, that “just right” zone. Once you find that zone, your email marketing will start to do its job!


Tip #1


What is the job of email marketing?


The job of your emails should be to get your subscribe to perform one action. That’s it! If you are giving your readers too many things to do or too many choices, they will end up doing nothing. That’s the worst of both worlds.


You should be compelling your reader to take this action. If you have to convince them to do something, then all is lost. Compelling someone is making them want to do something.



email marketing ... what's in it for me?



If you want them to go to your blog and read your latest post, give them a taste of what they will get out of it. You can use part of your article in your email. Then add in how your post is going to benefit them? What problem will it solve? You need to be answering the question, “What’s in it for me?” Then your reader will want to take action.


Tip #2


Who are you speaking to?


You may have thousands of people on your email subscriber list, but you need to write your emails as if there is only one person on that list. When you write to one person, it is much more intimate. It is more personalized and it makes each reader feel like you care about them. It’s difficult to build a real relationship through email marketing. Don’t make it more difficult by addressing “Everyone” or “Gang.” That screams of, “what can your readers do for you” and not “what can I do for you.”


Tip #3


Your email marketing should not waste people’s time



your email marketing shouldn't waste their time



Back in the old days of the internet, you know, 10 years ago, it was novel and fun to get email. When you signed in you wanted to hear, “You’ve got mail.” These days, you hope your spam filter catches all the junk so you don’t have to look at any of it.


I don’t know about you, but I probably get 150 pieces of email every day. Maybe more. I have to process all of it. I just don’t have the time to read every word of every email. I usually read the first paragraph to decide if I have any interest in it and then, if I do have an interest, I look for a link to click on.


Unless I’m weird, that’s about all the time that most email marketers have to capture the reader’s attention.


You’ll want to write compelling subject lines. A subject line should do the same job as an article’s headline. It should make someone want to read your email.



use good headlines in your email marketing



You should keep your emails interesting and helpful! It doesn’t matter how long or short your email is. It doesn’t matter if it is HTML or text. The only thing that matters to your reader is if it is interesting and if they think that by reading your emails that they will get help with their problems.


Tip #4


What should you include in your emails?


Tell them what you are going to tell them. This is the subject line.


Tell them. This is the actual email content.


Then you should have a strong and compelling call to action. This is what you want them to do after reading your email. You might just be trying to get the person to go to your blog to read your post or you might be trying to sell something to them. Either way, you need to tell them what it is that you would like them to do.


How much email marketing is too much email marketing?


I can’t really answer that question, directly. Since everyone marketer is different and every subscriber list is different, it would be impossible for me to say with any accuracy. I can tell you about my personal experiences of being on a lot of marketer’s lists.


There is only one marketer that I really look forward to getting and reading their emails. It is written in newsletter form. It is in HTML and the emails are fairly long. This particular marketer emails me once or maybe if I am lucky he’ll email me twice in a week.



email marketing can be in HTML or text



What makes this guy so different? He provides me with really useful information. He keeps it light and fun. I close his emails and I feel like I really learned something that I can use in my business. What’s not to like?


At the end of every email he promotes where he will be speaking next. He also advertises his marketing course. I’m not offended by the advertising. In fact, I read the ads too.


On the flip side. I have been on lists where the marketer has emailed me 5 times per day, everyday. I wasn’t on that list for very long.


Email marketing is a bit tricky. Always provide useful and interesting information and nothing else really matters. Let your open rates and your unsubscribe rates dictate how you are doing. If no one is opening your mails then you may need to beef up your subject lines. If people are opening your email and then unsubscribing a lot then you may need to provide better content.



your email marketing is just right!



Hopefully, these helpful email marketing hints will allow you to be the Goldilocks to your readers and they will walk away saying that your email was “just right!”



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