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The dreaded DMP


Master Key Experience



I’ve been fretting over this thing called DMP or a Definite Major Purpose. It’s supposed to be a “blueprint” for the rest of your life. It is supposed to be written as though you already have whatever it is that you want for your life. My understanding is that we will be reading DMP out loud, with enthusiasm, to ourselves.


I emailed my guide and she told me to “trust the process.” I didn’t respond to that because I wasn’t sure that she’d appreciate my response. It’s not that I don’t trust the process, it’s that I’m not even sure what the process is.


From the little bit of reading that we’ve done, I can already see some small changes in my life and my behaviors. I believe that the process will work if given enough time. I have always been a believer in influencing your own subconscious mind. I’ve had success with self-talk and I believe that this is very much the same thing. I think that this course will probably expand on those principles.


I have been feeling extremely frustrated by the DMP assignment. They haven’t really told us any more about what it should be other than a blueprint for your life. They didn’t give any kind of example. They said that an example would get people to change a few details and call it their own. To that I’d say, send it back for revision until it is all their own. Just give us a hint as to what is expected.


I told my guide that it was disheartening to get my DMP back and see it all marked up with places to change it and correct it. It didn’t seem like my latest revision was any closer to what they were looking for. Again, I have no idea what they’re looking for. I just know that I’m not anywhere close.


Apparently, I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. The week 3 webinar was almost entirely about how to write a DMP. I have no idea whether the webinar is actually part of the curriculum or not. Maybe having people having a difficult time with it prompted them to have a special, 2-hour webinar.


I do have to say something about my guide. You may be thinking that I’m feeling like I don’t get much help from her. Well, that may be partly true. However, she did send back a response that was thought-provoking. She said that the DMP assignment is an exercise in getting people to think about their lives and their future. She called it “knocking some of the cement off of the golden Buddha.” The golden Buddha is a metaphor that we learned about in the first week. To sum it up, the golden Buddha is a statue located in a small village. A neighboring village threatens to steal it so they cover the golden Buddha in cement to hide it. Over the years, the villagers forget that the golden Buddha is there. One day a small child happens by and knocks some of the cement off of it. Removing some of the cement reveals that it is made of gold. The villagers hear about it and join the child and reveal the golden Buddha.


I guess the moral of the story is that we all end up covering up our own inner self with “cement.” We forgot our greatness. After years of this, we have to knock off the cement to reveal our own true inner selves.


After I thought about what she said, I had a revelation. I think she was right and I started to look at the DMP assignment from a different angle. I’ve decided to start over again. I don’t think that I need to get rid of everything, but probably almost everything.


We’ll see if I can get any closer to what they’re looking for, but who knows?



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