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origami owl reviews



If you are exploring the idea of joining Origami Owl, you are probably reading many Origami Owl reviews. The problem is that most of these reviews are written by distributors of Origami Owl. They are looking to recruit new members.


If you are looking for independent and unbiased Origami Owl reviews, you’ve come to the right article.


I am not nor have I ever been a distributor for Origami Owl.


Whether you are thinking of joining Origami Owl or any other network marketing company, I would urge you to do your own due diligence. People frequently lose money while trying to build any network marketing company.


Origami Owl reviews – the company and its history



origami owl reviews the history



Origami Owl was the brain child of Isabella Weems. She is better known as Bella. She started the company in 2010 at the ripe old age of 14. This means that Origami Owl has not yet gotten past their first 5 years in business. I mention this because most network marketing companies that go out of business, do so in their first 5 years.


Origami Owl is one of the hottest and fastest growing network marketing companies, in the industry. They have increased their distributor base by nearly 20% in the past 12 months. They have gone from 50,000 distributors to around 60,000 in the time.


I have checked their rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have a B+ rating as of 5-1-2014. Personally, I like to see a BBB rating of at least an A if not an A+. Keep in mind that the BBB only deals with customer complaints. They try to resolve them. The rating has no bearing on the quality of the products.


The criteria that the BBB uses for their ratings.


Origami Owl Reviews – their products



origami reviews - the products

Origami Owl is a custom jewelry company. They specialize is charm lockets and charm bracelets. The customer can choose the charms that they want for their lockets and bracelets. They are encouraged to “tell their story” with these charms.


I’ve never bought a charm locket from them, so I can’t speak of the quality of their products. I would suggest finding a distributor and examining the quality and the looks of their products. You should be trying to determine if you think that they are of sufficient quality for you to feel comfortable selling them.


If you are unable to find a local distributor, you can purchase the lockets from Amazon. There seem to be many distributors who are selling their products on Amazon, at the moment. You can follow this link to buy something made by Origami Owl. Origami Owl lockets on Amazon. (This is not an affiliate link) The lockets range in price from about $10.00 to around $40.00.


I would also suggest that you read as many of the product reviews, on Amazon, as you can. Most of the ones that I read rated the products between 4 and 5 stars. I would say that there about 10% of ratings that are 3 stars or lower.


If you decide to join Origami Owl, there are 4 different levels to be involved with the company. There is a basic level, cleverly called, the Basic Package. It costs $149.00. There is also a 10 Person Party Package which cost $399.00. A 20 Person Party Package which is $799.00 and finally for those with deep pockets, there is the Business Blast Off Package that will run you $2,599.00.


Each of these packages allows you to sell their products. Every package includes a variety of their lockets and charms as well as other jewelry and jewelry supplies. You get more of them if you are willing to pay more money.



origami owl reviews the jewels



I contacted the company, twice, and neither of the customer service people were able to tell me the total number of charms that the company offers. I’m not sure how important that is, but I wanted to know. They were able to tell me that most of the jewelry is made in Asia. They wouldn’t specify a country or countries.


The lockets are usually sold at home parties. A distributor would ask a friend to host a party at the friend’s home. They would be known as the hostess. The hostess is rewarded for the amount of sales generated by their party. The percentage goes up as the total sales amount goes up. They are also compensated for the use of the home with gifts and discount on any jewelry that they might purchase for themselves.


Origami Owl reviews – their compensation plan


I have looked over Origami Owls compensation plan. It seems simple to understand. There doesn’t seem to be a download page for it, but here is a picture of it.



origami owl reviews - the comp plan



There are 8 levels involved in their plan. You start out at the Designer level and can move all the way to the top level, which is called an Executive Director.


Origami Owl reviews – their income disclosure statement


The Origami Owl website does not have their income disclosure statement on it. I decided to call the company directly and ask for one. I was met with a gigantic road block! The first woman claimed that here were 10,000 Executive directors in the company. I had to laugh and I told her that there was no way that 10,000 people had reach the top level.



origami owl reviews the customer service



I called back 2 more times. This time I asked how many Executive Directors they had in the company. The first woman was nice about it, but she told me that this kind of information was unavailable. I find that hard to believe. Someone in the company must be able to count. The second woman wasn’t quite as pleasant. She told me that even if they had that information, that they wouldn’t tell me.


I’m left to believe that the number of Executive Directors in the company is 0. Which is fine. They are only a 4 year old company. I will try another approach and amend this post if I get an answer for you.


This is an update to the original article:

I made contact with an actually Origami Owl distributor.  I asked them how many people had reached the Executive Director level.  They never responded.  Again, I’m left to believe that no one has reached that level.  Make of that what you will.  If you are a distributor for Origami Owl and would like to let us know how many people have reached the top level, please feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment below.  Thank you!


Origami Reviews – Is Origami Owl right for you?



is it right for you



Obviously, I can’t answer that question for you. I would encourage you to talk to as many people about the company, their products, and the customer service people. I would suggest talking to current distributors as well as former distributors. You can find out why they left and what they didn’t like about the company. Find out everyone’s experiences with the company.


As with any network marketing company, the person who is going to sponsor you into the business is very important. This may actually be the most important piece of the puzzle. Try to find someone who is building the business and is willing to teach you how to do it, with them!


Is Origami Owl a scam? No, in my opinion it is a legitimate network marketing company. They are poised to do $250,000,000 in business this year.


This concludes my Origami review.


I hope this helps you in your quest to find a suitable network marketing company to join. Continue to do your own due diligence with this company and any other company that you might be thinking of working with. Good luck!




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    Hi. Origami owl is a dishonest compnay…..a form of a scam…..they r selfish and Bella did not start the compnay….the mom did but due to her extensive criminal record she used her daughter for the position. Enitre company built on lies…I am a former rep..they owe me money…..they r in fact dishonest……….their chains and d gales r junk….rest is ok.

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