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I choose to review Advocare because it is one of the biggest and fastest growing network marketing companies. Currently, Advocare is enjoying a new surge in popularity. Does this mean that Advocare is a good company to join or not? Let’s find out.



If you are thinking about joining this company, you should be reading as many Advocare reviews as you can find. Be sure that the reviews you read are not written by current members of the Advocare opportunity. They are just there to try to recruit you into the business and may not give you a fair and unbiased review. They will be there to try to “sell” you their business.



My review of Advocare will be an fair, accurate and an independent review. I am not, nor have I ever been a distributor of Advocare products or their business opportunity.



Whether you are thinking of joining Advocare or any other network marketing company, I would urge you to do your own due diligence. I strive to provide you with useful and accurate information that should give you a good start into examining this company. Remember, this is only a start!



If you would like to explore their website, you can find it here. Advocare.com.



People frequently lose money while trying to build any network marketing company.



Advocare reviews – the company and its history



Advocare reviews - the company and its history



Advocare was founded by Charles Ragus, in 1993. The former pro football player, unfortunately, passed away in 2001. He was just 58 years old. Later, in 2007, Richard Wright was brought in to be the President and CEO of the company. He still holds those positions with the company.



Their headquarters is located in Plano, Texas.



As of 2010, it is reported that Advocare had, approximately, 60,000 “active” distributors. “Active” is being defined as any distributor who is receiving a check from the company. Bonus checks are not counted as a check from the company.



Advocare is considered to be in the health and wellness niche. They are selling products that are in the following categories, weight management, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition and personal care.



They have been in business for 21 years. They have made it through the critical first 5 years of business. Most network marketing companies that fail, will fail in their fist 5 years of business.



Their annual sales are estimated to be nearly $400,000,000.



Advocare reviews – their Better Business Bureau rating



advocare reviews and their BBB rating



I have checked their better Business Bureau rating. Advocare has an A rating. This meets my standards as a good company.



Please keep in mind that this rating is derived from several criteria, including the complaints that the company has gotten and how well they are able to resolve these problems.



If you would like to read their BBB report, you can find it here. Advocare’s BBB rating.



Advocare reviews – their products



They have over 70 different product.



The retail prices range from $20.00 for their breathe spray, Nice Ice to $190.00, for their 24 Day Challenge Bundle.



If you would like to see their products and pricing you can go to their site. Advocare’s products. There is a list of product categories in the left sidebar.



I like to advise anyone who is thinking about joining any network marketing company to try out the products before they make a final decision. You can contact a distributor to buy from them or you can go to Amazon and find a product there. I’d suggest comparing the retail price from the Advocare site to those prices listed on Amazon. You may find someone offering a discount on Amazon. You can find many Advocare products review on Amazon.



Advocare products on Amazon.



Advocare reviews – if you join



Advocare reviews – if you join



If you decide that Advocare is the right company for you, there is a $79.00 fee to join. You do get a distributor kit. It contains two products called Slam and Spark. You also get some marketing materials.



There is also an annual renewal fee of $50.00. Apparently, the company does not require a distributor to be on an autoship program.



They do offer discounts for their distributors. A distributor gets a 20% discount and an Advisor gets a 40% discount.



Advocare reviews – the compensation plan



There are 12 different levels in the Advocare compensation plan. You join as a distributor and you can work your way up to Double Diamond.



I found this, a 26 page pdf document, about Advocare’s policies. In it, you will find 10 pages that are dedicated to their compensation plan. They are the last 10 pages of the document. Advocare’s Compensation Plan.



Advocare reviews – the compensation plan



My criteria for a company’s compensation plan is that it should be easily understood. If it is too complex to understand by anyone, then it is possible that you would never feel comfortable with how the company pays you.



Advocare reviews – their income disclosure statement



According to their 2013 IDS, the average “active” distributor earns $1708.08 per year. If you do the math, you will find that $1708.00 per year is just $142.00 per month.



To their credit, slightly more than 3% of Advocare’s “active” distributors are earning $3,000.00 per month or more.



There are 5.5% who are earning about $1,000 per month. At least they are profitable!



Advocare’s 2013 IDS



Advocare reviews – is this the right company for you?



Advocare reviews – is this the right company for you



Obviously, I can’t answer that question for you. They do have many factors in their favor. They have a BBB rating of A. There are over 3% of distributors who are earning pretty decent money, $3,000 per month. They have been in business for 21 years.



I can’t find a lot of negatives about Advocare. Aside from the fact that the compensation plan took 10 pages to explain.



They look like one of the better network marketing out there.



Is there an Advocare scam?



Advocare is in the weight loss niche, there may be some that might think that they are a scam. Let me assure that Advocare is a reputable and good company. They are in no way a scam!



Advocare reviews – what to do next



As always, if you are thinking about joining this company, do your own due diligence.



you should do more investigative work to be sure this is the right company for you



The person who sponsors you is just as critical, to your success, as the information that is discussed in this Advocare review.



In the end, you must be willing to sell the products and recruit people into the business. It helps, a lot, if you are enthusiastic about the company and their products!



I am wishing you the best of luck in your network marketing journey!



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