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This article was updated on February 11, 2017


plexus reviews


I chose to review Plexus Worldwide because it is one of the biggest and most popular network marketing companies. Does this mean it is a good company for you to join or not?


If you are thinking about joining Plexus Worldwide, you should read as many company reviews as you can find. Be sure that the reviews you read are not written by current members of the Plexus Worldwide opportunity. They are probably there to try to recruit you into the business and may not give you an unbiased review.


My review of Plexus will be an independent one. I am not, nor have I ever been a distributor of Plexus Worldwide products or their business opportunity.


Whether you are thinking of joining Plexus or any other network marketing company, I would urge you to do your own due diligence. I strive to provide you with useful information that should give you a good start into examining this company. Remember, this is only a start!


People frequently lose money, while trying to build any network marketing business.


Plexus reviews – the company and its history


company history


The original company was founded in 2006. They only offered 1 product and that was a kit that helped women do a self exam for breast cancer. The founder discovered that he had a life threatening disease and was about to shut down the company. Alfred Pettersen and Tarl Robinson bought the company, from him, in 2008. The company has been in business, in its current form, for 7 years. I like the fact that they have been around that long. If a network marketing is going to fail, it usually does that in its first 5 years.


Both Pettersen and Robinson are former distributors in other network marketing companies.


Inc. Magazine has ranked Plexus as the #132 fastest growing, independently owned company in the USA.


The company’s officers are:


Tarl Robinson – Chief Executive Officer

Alfred Pettersen – International President

Alec Clark – Chief Marketing Officer

Keith Jackson – Chief Operating Officer


Plexus Worldwide operates in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


The company’s home office is located at:


15649 N Greenway Hayden Loop

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


The main phone number is:

Phone: (480) 998-3490


Plexus reviews – their financials


plexus worldwide reviews


Plexus’ sales were $310,000,000 in 2014. This nearly doubles their 2013 sales of $160,000,000. That’s very impressive! They are ranked #56 in the top 100 earning MLM companies.


The 100 top earning MLM companies


Plexus Worldwide is a privately held company and no other financial information is available.


Plexus reviews – their Better Business Bureau rating



Since I wrote this article the BBB has lowered the rating for Plexus.  The new BBB rating is a “C.”  Considering that I wrote the article 7 months ago, this is a drastic drop.  The BBB reports that Plexus has 554 closed complaints in the past 3 years of which 481 have been in the past 12 months.  This is a disturbing trend!


If this is a company that you are thinking about signing up with, I’d suggest contacting the BBB and finding out what they have to say about the company.  I’d also suggest that you call the company and find out what the problem is and how they are planning to fix it!


Plexus is not Accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It is not required that a business be accredited with the BBB, but you would think that a company that is doing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business would be!


Plexus has a Better Business Bureau rating of C. This is lower than I’d like to see their rating. I prefer that a network marketing company have at least an A rating, if not an A+ rating. This news is troubling. The BBB says that it received a lower rating because this …


Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints”


Again, this is bad news. They are showing a pattern of complaints, meaning that they are getting the same or similar complaints over and over again. You would think that they would correct the problems and be done with it.



I had someone make a comment that Plexus had raised their Better Business Bureau rating up from a C to an A+.  I thought that was crazy, but I checked into it and sure enough the BBB raise them listed as an A+.  I have no idea how they would’ve been able to do that at all and how they did that so fast.  Perhaps there is an error??  Or maybe the BBB has changed its criteria for their rankings.  On the other hand, Plexus could’ve worked out all of their problems since the last time that I looked at their rating.  I’ll keep an eye on this going forward!


I found this section regarding their reviews and complaints.  This comes directly from the BBB website.


“Reviews & Complaints

According to information in BBB files, this company has complaints involving billing or collection, advertising, sales, refund/exchange, guarantee or warranty issues. BBB reviewed the company’s website http://www.plexusworldwide.com/ under “60 Day guarantee” and found the time period for the money back guarantee differs between how the business categorizes consumers.  Consumers are put in four categories: Ambassadors, Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, and Ambassadors Customers. According to the company, the consumer’s category determines the time period for the money back guarantee. Complainants allege confusion over the different categories and what the terms of their guarantee actually are.

Additionally, consumers allege difficulty with the business’ auto ship program. Consumers explain they may have continuous charges billed to them because the company never turns the auto ship off.   When the complainant is able to contact the company about obtaining a refund and/or returning the product, the business may deny their request. At this time, Plexus Worldwide Inc. is responding and resolving BBB complaints.”


They’ve now had 701 complaints closed in the past 3 years.  That’s up from the 554 that were closed from the 3 years beginning in 2013 through 2015.


I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound like an A+ company to me.


Plexus’ BBB rating


Plexus reviews – their products


weight loss products


Plexus offers 15 different products, for sale. They also sell combinations of them, in kits. They do not publish the price of their products on their website.


The products area as follows: Each product listed is linked to an individual description page.


Plexus Slim

Plexus Block


Plexus Boost

Plexus XFactor

Plexus 96

ProBio 5

Plexus Fast Relief Nerve Health Support

Plexus MegaX

Plexus XFactor Family Chewables

Bio Cleanse

Plexus Ease Cream

Plexus Ease Capsules

Plexus Body Cream

Breast Chek Kit


I usually suggest that you buy one or more of the products before you join. You will be required to sell these products and you want to make sure you like them enough to do that. You can try to find a local product demonstration and get a sample that way. You can not buy the products directly from the company.


There are a few of the products listed for sale on Amazon. The products listed there are fairly expensive. They range from $50.00 to $130.00. Some of the kits are priced even higher than that.


Plexus products on Amazon


There are several products, on Amazon, that have the name Plexus on them that are not made by Plexus Worldwide.


Plexus complaints


Unfortunately, Plexus has an FDA warning. Apparently, the company has been making medical claims about its products that have not been approved by the FDA. You can read the complaint made by the FDA here:


FDA Complaint to Plexus Worldwide


Plexus reviews – if you become a Plexus Ambassador


If you decide to join the company, as an Ambassador, you can expect to pay a signing fee of $34.95. After you sign up, you can purchase a Welcome Kit. The Welcome Kits contain literature about the company and their products as well as some of their products. The Welcome Kit is either $99.00 or $199.00, depending on the amount and types of products that are included. The are 14 different combinations of the products that could be in your Welcome Kit. The choice is yours and you pay the distributor cost for the products.


plexus review


Plexus reviews – what monthly fees can you expect?


1. Is there a required autoship program?


The autoship is required, but not always. Their autoship program is called a “back up order.” An Ambassador must sell at least 100 PV each month, in order to be commissionable. An Ambassador could purchase the entire amount themselves or they could be selling this amount to people outside of the company. 1 point is approximately equal to $1.00.


I called the company and their representative told me that an Ambassador does not receive any commission on their first 100 PV, each month.


2. Are there any ongoing, monthly fees?


There are no ongoing, monthly fees.


3. Are there any other fees?


There is a $34.95 annual renewal fee.


Plexus reviews – business opportunity and the compensation plan


I’ve read the compensation plan. It is 14 pages long. It is fairly complex. The compensation plan is billed as a compensation plan by distributors, for distributors.


They have 9 different levels in their compensation plan. You start out as an Associate and you can work your way up to Diamond Ambassador.


They do have the usual bells and whistles. They do have a profit sharing plan and a Lexus automobile bonus, as well.



You can download a copy of the Comp Plan here:


Plexus’ Compensation Plan


As an aside: Always make sure that you thoroughly understand the compensation plan of any company that you decide to join. If you don’t understand how you are to be paid, it is easy to cheat you. (I am not implying that Plexus Worldwide will cheat you)


Plexus reviews – their income disclosure statement


I’ve looked over the Income Disclosure Statement. It does not tell how these numbers were derived or who was not counted in the numbers. I would think that they calculate their numbers in a similar fashion as most companies are doing it. It’s better than most that I have read. This tells me that they are probably getting these numbers by eliminating the half of the company that earns no money. It shows that 100% of their Ambassadors are making money. We all know that couldn’t be true.


To get to the real percentages, you would have to cut the estimates in half.


plexus reviews - the income disclosure statement


The IDS shows that out of everyone who made money, each month, that 98.81% make $1,000 per month or less. It shows that 82.8% make less than $40.00 per month. All of that leave 1.21% who make more than $1,000 per month. They must’ve rounded up, because the numbers don’t add up to 100%.


You can download a copy of their IDS here:


Plexus’ IDS


Plexus reviews – the distributor agreement


I’ve read the distributor agreement. It is pretty standard. I did notice that as a distributor you won’t get paid any money for the actual recruitment of people. This makes it less likely to be accused of being a pyramid scheme.


I suggest that you download and read this agreement, before you sign it!


You can download a copy of the agreement here:


Plexus’ Distributor agreement


Plexus review – is this the right company for you?


For obvious reasons, I can’t tell you if this company is the right company for you. There are pros and cons related to this company. At the top of the list of cons is the FDA complaint. This is fairly easy to correct.


The fact that they have a BBB rating of B+ bothers me a bit, too.


They did double their sales in 2014 from what they did in 2013. That’s very hard to do at their level of sales.


This article should be the beginning of your research into this company.


Is Plexus Worldwide a scam?


is plexus a scam


Being that Plexus Worldwide is in the weight loss and nutrition niche, there may be some people that might think that they are a scam. Let me assure that Plexus is a good and strong company. They are in no way a scam!


As always, if you are thinking about joining this company, do your own due diligence.


The person who sponsors you is just as critical to your success as the information that is contained in this Plexus Worldwide review.


In the end, you must be willing to sell the products and recruit people into the business. It helps, a lot, if you are enthusiastic about, both, the company and their products!


I am wishing you the best of luck in your network marketing journey!


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  1. Sherri says:

    They have a C rating with BBB and over 500 complaints

  2. Lisha says:

    Please update your article…Plexus now has an A+ rating from the BBB! Thanks!

    • I’ll change it in the article, but I’ll keep my eye on it. I’m not sure how they raised their rating from a C to an A+ that quickly.

      • Lisha says:

        Thanks for updating the article regarding the BBB rating. As far as I know, Plexus Worldwide did an extensive overhaul of the customer service operations. They recently (Nov 2016) changed their website so that customers now have full access to their accounts and are able to easily add/change/delete product orders, change shipping dates and cancel at any point. They also increased their customer service phone staff so wait times contacting customer service have greatly improved. I’ve called a few times and have never waited more than 2 minutes. They also promptly respond to email questions. I believe because off all these actions and others, the issues that were previous complaints made to the BBB have been addressed. Finally, Plexus is backed by Morgan Stanley which speaks volumes about the companies credibility and financial opperations.

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