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 My review of Rodan and Fields


rodan and fields reviews


I chose to review Rodan and Fields because it has been enjoying a surge in popularity, lately. Does this mean it is a good company to join or not? Let’s find out.


If you are thinking about joining Rodan and Fields, you should read as many Rodan and Fields reviews as you can find. Be sure that the reviews you read are not written by current members of the Rodan and Fields opportunity. They are just there to try to recruit you into the business and may not give you an unbiased review.


My review of Rodan and Fields will be an independent review. I am not, nor have I ever been a distributor of Rodan and Fields products or the business opportunity.


Whether you are thinking of joining Rodan and Fields or any other network marketing company, I would urge you to do your own due diligence. I strive to provide you with useful information that should give you a good start into examining this company. Remember, this is only a start!


People frequently lose money while trying to build any network marketing business.


Rodan and Fields reviews – the company and its history


The Rodan and Fields company was first launched in 1995, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. If you watch television, then you, no doubt, have heard of their first product, Proactiv. With the success of Proactiv, the two doctors developed a complete line of skin care and anti aging products. In 2002, the two doctors decided to market their entire line of skin care products in high end department stores. They, very quickly, enjoyed great success.


Rodan and Fields review and it's history


In 2003, the Estee Lauder company purchased Rodan and Fields. Estee Lauder continued to sell the Rodan and Fields products in the department stores. Estee Lauder had great success in the department stores as well. However, in 2007, Estee Lauder sold the company back to Rodan and Fields LLC.


By the end of 2007, Dr Rodan and Dr. Fields pulled the product line out of the department stores and entered the world of direct sales in March 2008. They currently have 50,000 distributors.


The company is located at 60 Spear Street Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94105.


Here is a list of the companies officers.


Amnon Rodan, Chairman
Lori Bush, President and Chief Executive Officer
Randi Kronthal-Sacco, Interim Chief Marketing Officer
Craig Cockrum, Chief Operating Officer
Michelle Leetham, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
Heidi Kathleen Wissmiller, Chief Customer Officer
Laureen Debuono, Interim Chief Financial Officer
Oran Arazi-Gamliel, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Business Development
Timothy Falla, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development
Kylie Fuentes, Vice President of Digital Product Management
Paige Gruemmer, Vice President of Human Resources
Justin Keisel, Vice President, Global Programs and Field Development Relations
Dalia Stoddard, Vice President of Product Development


There is a rumor that Wells Fargo might be interested in buying the company for, up to, $800 million.


Rodan and Fields reviews – their financials


In 2014, Rodan and Fields revenue was report to be $330,000,000. Rodan and Fields is a privately held company and financial details are not available.


Rodan and Fields reviews – their Better Business Bureau rating


I checked their Better Business Bureau rating. Interestingly, Rodan and Fields received their BBB accreditation on 12/30/2013. This is interesting because they have been in business since 2008 and only have been accredited, by the BBB, for about 18 months. I wonder what took them so long?


rodan and fields review


They currently have an A+ rating. I like to see a company have at least an A rating, so this is a very good rating.


Keep in mind that the Better Business Bureau just tracks customer complaints and how well the company resolves them.


The complaints can be anything from delivery issues to the quality of products and many other things.


You can see the BBB rating for Rodan and Fields here.


Rodan and Fields BBB rating


There is a tab for Complaints on the Overview page, if you’d like to read them.


Rodan and Fields reviews – Rodan and Fields products


The Rodan and Fields products are in the skin care niche. The company breaks them down into 7 different categories. I did find the products to be expensive. The cheapest product I found was the Enhancements Lip Micro-Dermabrasion at $17.00. The highest priced product is called The Redefine Power Pack. It is a regime of products. The price is $538.00.


The categories are:










They do provide an interactive catalog on their site. If you’d like to see it, you can go here. Rodan and Fields Catalog.




I usually advise a prospective distributor to buy a sample product, from the company, to check out the quality and to make sure they can actually like the products. If you don’t like the products, it will be difficult for you to sell them. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a product directly from the company. You would need to find a local distributor. You could attend a home party to see the products they sell and not even need to buy a sample. You may need to get on their mailing list, but that’s a small price to pay.


I did find some of the products on Amazon. Rodan and Fields products on Amazon.


The reviews left on Amazon are not that good, in my opinion. There may not be enough reviews to make a final decision, but as of 6/6/2015, their products get anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. I would prefer to see at least 3.5 to 5 stars. This is a bit worrisome!


Rodan and Fields reviews – if you become a Rodan and Fields consultant


If you decide to join the Rodan and Fields network marketing company, you will have to pick which distributor kit you want to start with. There are four choices.


The cheapest way to join is to purchase the Business Portfolio, for $45.00. You get some paperwork that describes the company and their products and a DVD which has on it the Doctors’ Business Introduction, the Redefine Commercial and Overview, and Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant Testimonial videos.


You could pick the Personal Results Kit, for $395.00. This kit contains over $500.00 worth of products.


You can also choose the Big Business Launch Kit, for $695.00. This kit contains over $1300.00 worth of Rodan and Fields products.


The most expensive option to join is the RFx Express Business Kit, for $995.00. This kit contains over $1900.00 worth of their products.


You can get more details here. Rodan and Fields Distributor Kits.


Rodan and Fields reviews – what monthly fees can you expect?


Paying for the distributor kit is just the first thing that you get to pay for when joining any network marketing company. What kind of fees and costs can you expect after you join Rodan and Fields?


1. Is there an autoship?


Yes and no. Great answer, right? To become and stay “commissionable,” also known as “Active,” you need to have 100 points in Sales Volume (SV). I spoke to a representative of Rodan and Fields and they tole me that the 100 points of SV can come from anyone. If you have no personal sales in a month you can order products for yourself to meet the 100 SV monthly requirement. If you have SV from selling to your customers, reaches the 100 SV then you are not required to purchase any additional products.


2. Are there any ongoing, monthly fees?


Yes, there are. In the modern age, network marketing companies have or provide replicated websites for the distributors to use. Rodan and Fields has websites for distributors to use and they cost $24.95 per month.


3. Are there any other fees?


The Rodan and Fields representative told me that there is an annual renewal fee of $25.00.



Rodan and Fields reviews – Rodan and Fields business opportunity and the compensation plan

rodan and fields comp plan


The Rodan and Fields compensation plan has 8 different levels. Everyone starts out as a “Consultant” and you can work your way up to the top level which is “Level V Executive.”


They have the usual bells and whistles … a fast start bonus, car payment bonus etc.


They have published an ebook in pdf form that you can read. It is 5 pages long, so not too bad. Rodan and Fields Compensation Plan.

Rodan and Fields reviews – their income disclosure statement



Rodan and Fields does provide an Income Disclosure Statement. The IDS looks fairly typical of network marketing companies. The big question is how they define “Active” distributors. They base their numbers on the number of “Active” distributors and not on all of the current distributors. They define “Active” as anyone who bought or sold a product or anyone who received a check from the company. Of the people listed as “Active,” 42% earned no money. Of the people listed as “Active,” 86.8% earned less than $250.00 per month (that includes those who earned no money). Of the “Active” people, 10.4% earned between $391.00 and $591.00 per month. Leaving 2.6% of “Active” people who earn over $1,000 per month.



Rodan and Fields’ Income Disclosure Statement



Rodan and Fields reviews – the distributor agreement

I have a copy of their Policies and Procedures manual. It is an 85 page monstrosity. It covers every situation and rule imaginable. I usually key in on how the distributors are allowed to advertise and market their businesses. I’ve seen many people quit their company once they find out that they are not allowed to advertise the way they want to.


Rodan and Fields does have a compliance department. This means that they are very protective of their name, logos and other intellectual properties. This is to be expected!


I haven’t read the entire document. I did see one part where they will not allow you to out rank them, in the search engines, for the keyword “Rodan and Fields.” They lay claim to other keywords. They also have limitations of PPC campaigns.


Rodan and Fields reviews


Compliance departments are usually there to protect the company’s interests and not there to just to squash your business. Although, it might seem like they are to get you, at times. If you are thinking about joining this company, then you probably should call the compliance department and discuss your advertising and marketing plans. Do this before you join! Find out if they will allow what you want to do and if not, do you really want to work with them?


Most compliance departments will work with you. If they disapprove of what you have planned they are likely to make suggestions of what you could do instead.


Rodan and Fields Policies and Procedure Manual


Rodan and Fields reviews – is this the right company for you?


I can’t make that determination for you. I would suggest weighing the facts presented in this article, pro and con. I would also suggest that you talk to current distributors to see what they think of the business. You can also find former distributors and find out why they left the company. Find out what each of these types of distributors has to say about the company. Would either of them recommend that you join the company?


Rodan and Fields scam?


rodan and fields scam


Being that Rodan and Fields is in the skin care niche, there may be some that might think that they are a scam. Let me assure that Rodan and Fields is a good and strong company. They are in no way a scam!


As always, if you are thinking about joining this company, do your own due diligence.


The person who sponsors you is just as critical to your success as the information that is contained in this Rodan and Fields review.


In the end, you must be willing to sell the products and recruit people into the business. It helps, a lot, if you are enthusiastic about, both, the company and their products!


I am wishing you the best of luck in your network marketing journey!



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