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This article was updated on June 30, 2017.


my visalus review



Whether you are thinking of joining ViSalus or any other network marketing company, I would urge you to do your own due diligence. People frequently lose money while trying to build any network marketing company.


You can find a lot of ViSalus reviews online. They are usually posted by current members of the ViSalus company. Many of these members are posting articles that are called ViSalus review, ViSalus reviewed, Is ViSalus a scam? or Does ViSalus really work? or ViSalus bad reviews.  You can get some decent information from sites and articles like these. Keep in mind they are trying to find prospects to join ViSalus under them. They will be trying to make it seem as though ViSalus is the best company for you to join.


When doing your due diligence about any company, here is some of the information that I would be gathering if I was thinking about joining ViSalus.


This is an independent review of ViSalus as I am not now or have I ever been a distributor for ViSalus or the ViSalus line of products.


ViSalus review – the company



visalsu review - the company



ViSalus was founded in 2005, by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola. Ryan Blair is the CEO. Since most network marketing companies go out of business in their first 5 years, this is a good sign for them. ViSalus is involved in the health and fitness niche. You may have heard of them referred to as ViSalus, Body By Vi or from their Body By ViSalus Challenge. They are all the same company.


I checked ViSalus’ rating at the Better Business Bureau. As of this date, 3/30/14, they have an A+ rating. ViSalus is not accreditted by the BBB.  My understanding of the BBB is that they handle complaints about businesses. They try to resolve the issues that exist between the company and their clients. Their rating has nothing to do with the quality of their products.


The BBB’s criteria for their ratings.


ViSalus review – the products



visalus review - the products



ViSalus’ main product is a weight loss “milkshake.” They are usually sold in weight loss kits. These kits range in price from around $68.00 and go up to $409.00. There is a discount if you are willing to enroll in their autoship program. They also sell other health and nutritional products.


I have no personal experience with their products. I’ve never used them. I can’t tell you if they work or how they taste. I can tell you that their ingredients are good. The shakes are healthy. They contain many of the vitamins and minerals that we all need each day.


I would suggest buying and using the products before you join. Yes, you might have to pay full retail price, but that’s better than joining the company to find out how good the products are and if they work or not.


Fortunately, some of the products are for sale at Amazon. You can buy the ViSalus Body by Vi Balance Kit which includes 30 meals and 5 Health mix Ins for $47.00. (That isn’t an affiliate link)


There is also a rating for this product. It is rated at 4 stars on Amazon. As of today, it has been rated 293 times. There are 73% 4 and 5 star ratings and the other 27% being 3 or fewer stars. I would suggest reading as many of the reviews of this product as you can. This will give you a better idea on how well this product works.


If you decide to join ViSalus you can pay as little as $49.00 to be involved. There seems to be 3 different types of distributor kits. The basic kit is the $49.00 one. You can go all the way up to the one called the Executive Success System which is $999.00.


ViSalus review – the compensation plan



visalus review - the compensation plan



I don’t want to say that the compensation plan is difficult to understand, but I do have a PDF that is dedicated to their comp plan. It is 19 pages long. There are probably 15 pages that are dedicated to explaining the 16 different levels that they have, how you achieve these levels and the various bonuses that they offer. The levels start with Independent Promoter and the top level is called Global Ambassador. You can download a copy of the comp plan on their site, found at ViSalus Compensation Plan.

To me, a compensation plan should be easy to understand.  If it isn’t, you could get cheated out money owed to you!


ViSalus review – the income disclosure statement


It is my understanding that all network marketing companies were required, by law, to provide an IDS. However, there does not seem to be one for ViSalus. I wonder why they don’t have to or why they wouldn’t want to provide one.


An IDS (income disclosure statement) shows the percentages of “active” distributors have attained each level of the compensation plan. “Active” distributors are usually defined as distributors who receive a check from the company. Of course, not everyone in a network marketing company receives a check. Those distributors aren’t included as “active” and the company doesn’t count all the people who have quit over the years.



most people don't make money in MLM



I’ve read dozens of income disclosure statements over the years.


In my opinion, their income disclosure statement is probably no better than any other company’s IDS. I’ve read dozens of income disclosure statements. Most show about .16% of “active” distributors at the top level of the company.


Most income disclosure statements show that about 98% of distributors never make any money and a large percentage of those actually lose money.


ViSalus review – is ViSalus right for you?


I can’t answer that question. If you decide to join ViSalus, then there is another question that you need to answer. Who should my sponsor be? This is, perhaps, even more important than which company to work with.


That concludes my ViSalus review. Is ViSalus a scam? No, it is a legitimate MLM company.


I hope this helps you in your quest to find a suitable network marketing company to choose. Continue to do your own due diligence with this company and any other company that you might be thinking of working with. Good luck!


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  1. M Sessions says:

    ViSalus – This Business Is Not BBB Accredited
    The only ones to give it an A+ are company distributors/sales people.
    BBB.org has not rated Visalus.

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