Are my network marketing products too expensive?


Do your network marketing products

solve your customer’s problems?


network marketing products should solve problems


If you look at the average bag of weight loss shakes that are offered by a network marketing company, you’ll probably find that it costs $100.00 or more. In some case, a lot more. If you compare their price to Slim Fast, it seems totally outrageous. You can probably buy the same amount of Slim Fast for less than half the money.


Why would anyone be dumb enough to buy your network marketing weight loss products? There could only be two reasons. The products that your network marketing company sell, must work better and be healthier for you.


Let’s take a look at the spending habits of the average American. Can they afford your $100 per bag of weight loss product?


Does the average American buy the kind of house that they can afford? Absolutely not! Actually, they don’t buy the house. They buy a monthly payment. There aren’t very many people, even in America, who can afford to buy a $300,000 home with cash. There are a lot of people who can afford to buy the monthly payment on that house. The monthly payment on that home is probably around $2500 per month, if you include property taxes and insurance.


Does the average American buy the type of car that they can afford? No, they don’t. Again, they are buying a monthly payment.


What happens to the average American when they run out of money each month? Do they stop spending? Of course not. They get themselves a credit card and buy more stuff.


The average American can afford just about anything that they deem necessary. They can afford whatever they want. If you add up all the debt that Americans have they are in debt to the tune of $12.58 trillion. That’s Trillion with a “T.” That’s a whole lot of spending going on!


network marketing products are better than store bought products


If Americans are willing to spend over $12 trillion more than they make, surely they could find a way to afford your lousy $100 per bag weight loss product.


Of course they could find a way, if they saw how it would be beneficial enough to them to warrant that spending. They’re willing to buy a $50,000 car when a $25,000 would get them where they want to go just as well. They must’ve seen twice as much value in the $50,000 car. Maybe that $50,000 car looks better, handles better, gets better gas mileage or just made them feel better about themselves.


Your job, as a network marketing salesperson, is to figure out what benefits will your customer get from your $100 per bag weight loss shakes. If the benefits are great enough and they can see the value in buying your products, then they will buy them. If they are willing to spend the extra $25,000 on a car, then they will be willing to spend the extra $50 per month to get those benefits that your products will give them.


Most network marketers will lose the battle and the sale if they try to compete on price with store bought products. Store bought products will lose if they are asked about the quality and the benefits that a customer will get from them.


There are now 20 network marketing companies that sell over $1 billion of their products each year. If you can’t sell them, then I’d say that it’s you and not the pricing.



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