Why people don’t buy your network marketing products


Are network marketing products

as good as they say they are?


network marketing products


We’ve all used our own company’s products and I would think that most people think that their products are the best products, of their kind, on the planet. If you company sells weight loss shakes, they are the best tasting and they’re the most effective. If your company sells shampoo, it’s a shampoo that will leave your hair looking shiny and feeling silky smooth. Yes, most of us have great products to sell.


Then why do we find so many people who don’t want anything to do with them?


There are many reasons why people won’t buy your products and here are some of them.


Reason #1


First, the person that you’re trying to sell your products to may not be in the market for them. If you are approaching a top athlete, they probably won’t want to buy your weight loss shakes. It’s not that they aren’t good and effective, it’s just that the athlete doesn’t want to lose any weight.


The solution to this problem:


Only approach people who are in your target market. It makes no sense to try to sell a weight loss shake to a top athlete. Stop wasting your time and find people who are actively trying to lose weight!


Reason #2


The second reason that someone might not want to buy your products is that they don’t believe what you are telling them about the product. You know that your shakes taste great and are very effective, if used properly, and they are helping people to lose the weight they need to lose, but your prospect may have tried some other kind of shake and it didn’t work for them. They may think that all weight loss shakes are the same and why would they think that yours is any different.


The solution to this problem:


If a prospect just doesn’t believe in what you are telling them, then you haven’t built up enough trust and rapport with them. You need to slow down your process and spend time letting them get to know you and give you time to get to know them. Once you’ve built up rapport with them, they’ll be more likely to trust you.


here are some ideas for solutions


Reason #3


The third reason is that they may have a negative view of the network marketing industry. They may be cynics or skeptics, but what ever it is, they think that all network marketing companies and their products are scams.


The solution to this problem:


The best solution to this problem is to let your prospect sample your products. Let them find out for themselves if their preconceived notions are correct or not. Let them make a judgment based on their own experiences and not on what they have heard about your company or the industry, as a whole.


Reason #4


Another reason why people don’t buy your products would be that they may not care enough about themselves to make a change in their lives. Or maybe they are afraid of the change itself. A lot of people don’t like change and some of them actually fear change. They could be overweight, but they feel okay with it. They could be resigned to the fact that they are overweight and that they will always be overweight. Change might not seem possible.


The solution to this problem:


You can try to tell them that they are worth it and see what happens. However, this one is probably better left to the professionals.


Reason #5


One of the main reasons that people won’t buy your network marketing products is that they are more expensive than the products that they are currently using. It seems that it’s very difficult for most people to rationalize paying twice as much and getting half as much of whatever you’re selling. In the mind of the general public, paying $12.00 for a 6 ounces bottle of shampoo isn’t nearly as good of a deal as the shampoo they are currently buying because those only cost $5.00 and they’re getting 16 ounces.


The solution to this problem:


If you only have to use 1/3 of the shampoo that they regularly use with their shampoo, then it is a better deal, financially. If they get a chance to use the product, then they can see how healthy and more manageable their hair will be and your product will be a product that they must have!


These are 5 of the main reasons why your prospects don’t want to buy your network marketing products. You must have a solution in mind to overcome these objections. You can modify my suggestions to fit your particular type of products. Try not to be the salesperson who tries to convince them that your products are the best on the planet. Spend your time trying to educate them about their choices and the benefits they will get from using your products.


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