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I was out “bothering” bloggers, today. I was reading their posts and commenting on what they had to share with me and their readers.


One of the most interesting posts, that I came across, was about building a relationship with prospects. The post was well written and well thought out. The blogger made their points and did a good job over all.


Their conclusion was that building a relationship with prospects is necessary in order to get people to sign up with your business.


I’ve been a big believer in building relationships, over the years. I’ve written a fair amount on this subject and there was a time that I’d totally agree with what the blogger had to say.


The funny thing is that I built a business to the top level and never talked to any of the people that I recruited. Here is my response to what he had to say.



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I used to be a big believer in building relationships, too. That strategy does have a place in our businesses but, I do think that it is over rated. The one time that I reached the top level of a network marketing company’s comp plan, I did it all on the internet and never talked to one prospect. Our team did webinars to recruit people. We had ads on the internet and at the end of the ad they could sign up for the webinar. We would send out a confirmation email, then we sent another email after the webinar to ask if they wanted to join. Those that signed up, great. Those that didn’t, oh well. It had a $1,000 “buy in,” as well. It took me 11 months to reach the top.

Do you really need to form a relationship with someone?

Some would say that it can’t hurt. It can slow you down though. A lot!

I do agree with you that people buy as a emotional response. If you want to recruit someone, you will need to appeal to their emotional side. Which emotion? Greed!

“… Greed works!” (Gordon Gekko)

Greed is what makes people send $10,000 to Prince Baboopee of Ethiopia in the hope that he will send you that $1,000,000 he has in a bank account waiting for you.

If people are willing to send $10,000 to someone from an email, don’t you think that you could get someone to join your $300 opportunity, without building a relationship with them?

They have a better chance of earning $1,000,000 in network marketing, than having Prince Baboopee sending them $1,000,000.



Prince Baboopee or mlm recruiting



That’s what I had to say.


I didn’t have time to relate this story in the comment.


A good friend of mine was in Amway. I’ve known this guy for 25 years, at least. We chatted now and again about our experiences in our network marketing companies. I had even gone so far as to give him a DVD and some of my company’s sales material. I really didn’t expect him to make a switch right away.


I figured that he, like so many others, would not make any money in Amway. The good news was that he didn’t make any money. (I guess that’s bad news for him.) I’ll get to the other bad news, in a minute.



social butterfly would be good at mlm recruting



This guy is a real social butterfly. I just found out that he has about 1,800 contacts in his cell phone. I found that amazing. I had no idea how much of a social butterfly he really is. I thought that he could be a really good network marketer because of his sociability. I’ve been in Amway, a couple of times, and found it to be difficult at best. I wanted this guy in my organization!


Now for the bad news.


He calls me a week ago or so and says that he’s in a new network marketing business and wants my opinion on it. He loves that prospecting line! I asked him if he was prospecting me. He says really wants my opinion. I agreed to meet him. I still think that he was prospecting me.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that he had joined another company, even after I had shown him my company, it turns out that he is now in the same industry as I am, just with one of our competitors.


I have to admit to having been in shock.



the bagels were good!



He is sitting across from me at the local Einstein Bagels place, singing the praises of his company. I’m looking back at him with a blank stare on my face. I’m completely bewildered by the whole thing. Keep in mind that I’ve known this guy for 25 years.


He showed me his company’s DVD.


It turns out that he paid twice as much to join his company as what I paid to join my company. When I sell the product that we offer, I get paid 5 times as much as he gets paid. My company’s price on the product is less than the price his company has. He only gets paid down to the 7th level and I get paid to infinite levels.


There wasn’t a category that my company wasn’t better than his company.


He is my friend. I still didn’t get him into my company.


I asked him how he decided to get into his company. He told me that he was watching the DVD and when they got to the part that he could make $39,000 per month, he was hooked.



hooked with good mlm recruiting - dumbass



I shook my head. I’m not sure that there is a company that doesn’t promise those kinds of numbers.


How important was having a relationship in this case? Apparently, none!


Greed played a very important role in his decision! Like I said, greed works!


I wish him the best of luck in his company!! He is my friend, after all.


I do agree that having a relationship with your prospect can be advantageous but, I really do think that it is over rated!


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