Who will be the perfect network marketing prospect?

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who is the perfect network marketing prospect


Yes, someone sat down and tried to find out all of the things that the best prospects had in common. If you could find all of these things in a prospect, then you would have the perfect prospect.


I’m not that someone.


I’ve heard that it was Art Williams, the well known founder of the MLM company known as A. L. Williams Insurance, who came up with these criteria.


Here is the run down.


The perfect network marketing prospect would be someone who is between the ages of 25 and 35. They are typically married and they have children. They own their own home. They are currently earning between $40,000 and $100,000 per year.


Back in the 1980s, we called these types of people, Yuppies. They are young, upwardly mobile, professionals.


These kinds of people are future oriented and success motivated. They have big plans for themselves and their families. You have to know that it’s expensive to be married with children and a mortgage. If they want to have the lives that they’ve been dreaming of, they are going to need to earn a lot of money.


They will be willing to listen to your business opportunity.


opportunities in network marketing


Notice that the title of this article says that they are the perfect prospect. It doesn’t say that they will be a successful network marketer. Being in this demographic category, in no way, guarantees success.


I’ve seen people turn out to be successful network marketers who were dead broke when they started. I’ve known people who made a lot more money than $100,000 and managed to find success in network marketing. I’ve seen people that were younger and older than this, who have been successful.


I don’t think that this is the only category of prospect that you should look for. You just never know who will build a big business and who won’t.


I would say that starting with people in this category might be a good idea. They are young and hungry. I would have to think that there are more people from this demographic category that found success, than from any other category.


It kind of makes sense. The spending habits of these types of people continues to increase until they reach about age 50. At age 50, the children are grown and they have probably moved out of the family home. At age 50, most people are thinking about downsizing their lifestyles. From ages 50 to 65 they are saving money and preparing for retirement.


While a network marketer might do well by focusing on the 25 to 35 year olds, I would suggest not eliminating someone who isn’t in this demographic.


Because you just never know!


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