Should you recruit people from a foreign country?


Recruiting in a foreign country can be a great opportunity


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This is a great question and one that I’ve had to answer for myself. The company that I am with just opened up in a foreign country. The exact country isn’t important, but the question is. Is it a good idea to recruit outside of your own country?


Let me start out with this. If you’re having trouble building a team or even having problems recruiting people, trying to recruit in a foreign country isn’t the answer. It’s not a cure all. I would suggest that you start out recruiting locally and move out from there. If you can’t recruit locally, you won’t be able to recruit a half a world away! If you’ve built a strong local team, then by all means work your magic around the world!


It’s literally a ground floor opportunity for everyone in the company, in the new country. Isn’t that what everyone dreams of? I know I was excited by this turn of events. My problem is that I didn’t know anyone who lives in that country. That’s a big negative.


I saw that I had 4 options. I could use Google Adwords and try to get the people in that country to respond. I could use Facebook ads. I could search Facebook and find people who live in that country and try to develop a relationship with them and then try to recruit them. Or I could forget the whole thing.


I mean, what are the odds that I can recruit someone living in another country? Honestly, I’ve never knowingly recruited someone from a foreign country before. I had to decide if this was the best use of my time or not. Would I turn out to be some wizard at writing ads that would be appealing to someone who lives in that country? Probably not. I have no idea what would motivate people living in that country. Maybe making more money would do it, but necessarily. This country is very affluent. Are all people alike and they would respond to any ad that someone in America would respond to? I have no idea and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to put in that much time and that much money to find out what might work.


I went back and forth for the entire prelaunch period. I finally decided that I would be better served to continue to work my business mostly locally and in some cases in different states.


is your network marketing company about to launch a new territory


Does this mean that you shouldn’t recruit in other countries? No, not at all. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s the best use of your time.


If you decide to recruit in other countries, I have two suggestions that might make recruiting a bit easier.


The first would be to talk to the people on your team and see if they know anyone who lives in that country. Maybe they have friends or family living there. Remember that 80% of new network marketers have joined the business with a member of their warm market. This is a great place to start. Maybe their friends and family members don’t want to join, but maybe they could help you out and they could ask their warm market.


It isn’t unusual that no one on your team would no people in the new country.


My second suggestion would be to find new people, locally, to recruit who know people in that country. If you always wanted to try to recruit someone by telling them that you have a ground floor opportunity, now is the time!


I do have to admit that the lure of a ground floor opportunity has me asking people if they know anyone who lives in the country my company just opened! I say, “Have I got a deal for you!!”


We’ll see what happens.


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