Go For No … revisited



Does Go For No work in network marketing?


Go For No in network marketing


I had written an article about the book called, “Go For No.” When I wrote that article, I had never read the book. Why would I write an article about a book that I’d never read? That’s a good question. I read the title and thought that the premise was flawed. How could going for the answer “No” be a good thing, in sales? In network marketing, we get so many of those to begin with, why would you want to make your mission to get more?


Since I wrote my article, I read that Ray Higdon, the #1 top money earner in Numis Network, used this strategy to get to the top. I have to admit that I was intrigued by this method and his successful use of it. I came across an Eric Worre interview of Mr. Higdon and listened to it.


It was very interesting. I’d like to share some of what I found out about this method.


The premise of the strategy is to go out and talk to a lot of people, every day. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. You are supposed to talk to at least 20 people each day about your business opportunity. The goal is to find 20 people, per day, that will tell you “No, I don’t have any interest in your business.” I would have to imagine that if you talked to 20 or maybe 25 people each day, that you’d find those 20 who would tell you, “No.”


While you’re going through that many people each day, you’re bound to run into a few who will be interested in finding out more about what you are doing. If you find enough of those people, you will sponsor some of them. Eventually, you will build a sizable organization. As Mr. Higdon did.


According to Mr. Higdon, this is exactly what he did. He went out every day and talk to people about his business. He didn’t stop for the day, until he got his 20 “Nos.” What he said in the interview was that if someone said “No” anywhere in the process, that counted as a “No” for the day. He did this for 6 straight months.


Here are his numbers.



He averaged sponsoring 10 people per month. Which means that he probably spoke to 610 or more people each month. If you do the math, you find out that he sponsoring rate was less than 2%. The industry average is about 3%. The thing I find funny is that he is considered one of the greats in the business, but his sponsoring numbers are below average.


Obviously, when you are the #1 money earner in any company, you deserve all of the accolades that are bestowed on you. My hat’s off to him for his accomplishments!


I’ve heard that there are some people who would like to duplicate his actions to see if they can find success in network marketing, too. It would certainly be worth the effort if anyone can duplicate his success! Although, I don’t envy them, at all.



I do find this method very interesting.


It sounds like Mr. Higdon wanted to prove that Jim Rohn was right when he said,


“Even if you are new in sales, you can make up in numbers what you lack in skills.”Jim Rohn



If you try this method or have ever tried it, please contact me. I’d love to find out about your experiences! Thank you and good luck!


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